Tracfone / stolen service and forced number change

United States

After having Tracfone service for almost two years Tracfone shut off my Phone service although it was paid for until June.

When I call them on it they told me it was not my phone and I owed money, then they traced it to an ERROR they made and then they sent me a new sim card, It came with a new Phone #. I called them on it and asked them why I had a new number and less phone time on my phone. They said the old number was unretreavable but they would call me back in 24 hours and get it for me anyways, 36 hours I sit here typing this with no answer and a phone number nobody knows.Several hours on the phone with these people over several Days has gotten me no where. They have prepaid service until Nov on the other phone I have thru them and they won't let me transfer my time to that one. Believe what you want, the number I was using was the only way certain people, know how to get in touch with me. Sorry it had to come to this.


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