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1350 Corporate Drive, Westbury, New York, United States

I was in store making a purchase at your WestBury, N.Y. location yesterday. You have several registers and only two opened. I asked the working about the possibilities of opening another and was told not possible. Meanwhile, one staff member was doing things that could have waited (she was putting things back that were purchased. Your so called store manager (Kim) bypassed the long lines to go outside. And for the two working they were both excessively slow. At this time I'm looking at the other register worker who has now taken the person BEHIND ME. As you guessed it I'm fuming now along with the mother in front of me with the new born. I'm now wondering and have said as much " how could it be that they did not call next in line?" Having made the customer in front of me aware, who is now struggling to get over to the other line with baby in tow. Now your so called manger KIM opens another register. I asked her about the procedure and her reply as far as I am concerned was less then stellar, not nasty but not what it should have been. Actually Kim was less then apologetic for a situation that should not have happened. No one was happy.

Besides the fact that Kim needs necessary re-training on how to deal with customers appropriately, I find it absolutely unnecessary and horrible that you have nothing less then SIX registers and only TWO opened. In a day and age where the consumers time is not only minimized from all of life's requests I.e. employers, doctors appointment, school etc., etc., we now get to be teased by unopened registers and less then enthused workers. IT IS HAPPENING EVERYWHERE AND TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. And let me not forget to mention the lack of workers on the floor as a whole. Your ethics to please the consumer SUCKS!!!

Everyone is effected, none more then the consumer, stop cutting corners (being greedy) and get back to the business at hand of servicing the consumer properly.

This is not the first time I've dealt with this and surely not my last, but understand my money works well at other establishments too, as well as my pen for I will surely be sending this to corporate as well.

Please note that by the time I got home and rechecked the registry (which was printed in store) my purchased had already been made by someone else. So now I get to return my purchase. Thank you for wasting my time Babies R Us.

So now in addition to my complaint, I now see after reviewing all the complaints on your other site that Babies R Us simply DOES NOT CARE. No response to anyone's concerns. Not a good look at all. Are those in charge not paying attention?! Dumb question! I'm pretty sure this is not going to your corporate offices but is a site to warehouse complaints left unchecked. No worries, I have the time to forward via fax [protected]) and direct letter going certified returned receipt today.

I was giving 1 star only for the fact that you actually had what was needed to purchase. But now I'm taking it back because I get to waste not only my time but someone else's (the person who took me the first time) and more gas.


You know how I would like you to resolve this complaint. Reimburse me the gas money for the two round trips I have to make. The second one is to return the item already purchased by someone else while waiting in line. Also, put more workers in the store, informed, ready to work, smiling, and on the register that have the ability to perform customer service solutions properly.

Store - 6357. Register- 96 Cashier - 2231743 Transaction - 9866:6 Date - 062217 Time - 08:00pm Rewards number #[protected]


Jun 23, 2017

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