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M Nov 21, 2017

I tried placing an order for the Hot wheels Super Ultimate Garage playset on 11/20/2017. On the Toysrus website this item was $149.99. There was also a 15% off entire order promo & a 25% off of hot eheels playsets, along with a few other toy items. Whenever I tried to order, I was knocked back to the home screen. Today 11/21/2017, when I tried to order, it's $199.99, no promos & I can conveniently order 2 online or in the store. No shortage of this item coincidentally! Now that the price has increased. I will take my $ & business to Walmart, Target, etc. Not to mention, I called customer service & 1 rep said, they'd match the price after I was told they wete sold out. I then pointed out that I was on the website & they had plenty in stock, including online & another said no they couldn't match the price. ToysRus...u will not make $ treating your customers this way. If you advertise something on your website, you should honor it.

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