Toys r us / unethical behavior

I was very saddened about how my local toys r us acted today with the release . I arrived at toys r us at 6:00 later then others but was hoping to get a hatchimal for my daughter along with a lot of other people. I know other stores posted amounts on their doors informing customers, It's 7:45 no word from any employees except they were taking pictures of the line. Walk in at 8:00 with an unhappy bunch. Employee then goes I went out at 6:30 handed out tickets and told everyone else we were out. We all inform her we never seen her. She then says rudely don't call me a liar I came out at 6:15 changing her story. Then she gives another story I gave out tickets and told those customers to tell everyone else were out. Three different stories. I had a lady in front of me very sick waiting. It makes me sad employees can take the time to take pictures and not tell everyone who doesn't have a ticket they can go home. After this event I will never go to toys r us again. It was raining it was cold instead of taking pictures of us waiting inform us. I heard other toys r us did this an ethical way i'm saddened ours didn't and they way they acted is unacceptable.

Dec 04, 2016

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