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I am complaining about recent (27/06/2018) purchased baby products "Bright Starts" from Bankstown Toys R Us, the Vibration Unit where battery is installed had faulty connection, I called your Bankstown store (02 [protected]), your staff replied to me "you can swap or exchange" so because of the bad weather I didn't go and yester (07/06/2018) I intended to go but I rang before and to let them know I was coming your staff said me, Toys R Us has a new seven day selling policy, you can't swap or exchange it now, sorry but your problem, we can't help, and its receipt did not show me anywhere about this seven day policy, when I first rang the store they never mentioned this. I believe I have been mislead deliberately so I could not return the product and that's not right or fair.

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Jun 08, 2018

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