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I'm Dr Jaspal Singh the owner of Toyota innova 2.0X VAX 9077 who bought the vehicle in December 2017 with the hopes that Toyota is a good car to drive on the road without facing any issue even after service.

Here was very disappointed with my third service which was for 10KM on the 17/04/2018 done at Toyota sungai rasau Klang whereby its stated must to do alignment and balancing (switching front and rear tyre). After this service I had to go in for another 6 times just to redo my alignment and the appointment dates and problems are stated below

2/5/18- car was pulling towards the left and steering was not at the centre

Mechanic went for test drive and confirmed it and adjusted the alignment. Assisted by mr Bala.

7/5/18 - car was pulling towards left and mechanic claimed that must adjust caster so they did and told me to come back again if any issue. Assisted by mr Bala

15/5/18 - car pulling towards right side and steering was not centre, again they adjust the caster and told me that caster was not adjusted properly. Assisted by mr Bala.

Here on the 18/5/18 I'm facing the issue again whereby the steering is not at the centre again. Called Toyota and they told me to come in again for adjustment on 22/5/18. Assisted by Mr Bala.

22/5/18- went in to adjust the steering and was assisted by Encik raman and manager mr Dino.

30/5/18- facing the same issue whereby the steering is no longer at the centre and spoke to sungai rasau manager mr Dino and Hq customer service representive Puan amalina and was told to go in again to adjust..

Today on 1/6/18 - I'm facing the same issue whereby just matter of one day and the steering is no longer at centre. Have called up Toyota Hq malaysia and spoke to puan amalina.

Either the issue is with the car (which I doubt since it's a new car) or the mechanic it self.
Here I can't be making frequent rounds to Toyota service centre just to redo this small issue which could be solved if done in a proper manner.

Here if it's manufacturing defect please do something with the car. As a loyal Toyota customer I have never bought this car just to keep travelling again and again to Toyota service centre for my alignment. I badly need urgent attention on this matter.

For further inquiry you can contact me at+[protected]

Thank you
Dr Jaspal Singh


Jun 03, 2018

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