Toyota / paint peeling for the third time on my 2011 toyota rav4

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My paint peeled off the top of my roof on my 2011 Toyota Rav4 after three years of ownership. Toyota was nice enough to have a local paint and body shop that dealt with Halterman's Toyota where I had worked for nine years strip and repaint the top of the car.
My Toyota is very well maintained and is waxed and detailed every year since retiring from Halterman's by Koch 33 Toyota.
I have 44, 000 miles on my Rav4 and a few month ago the paint on my
gas door completely fell off and had to be repainted by Koch 33 Toyota.
Now on the passenger side of my vehicle another 4" by 5" piece of paint
dropped off leaving just the primer coat. This estimate because of where it is located will cost me $1, 046 to had it repainted as the color is pearl white
which is a metallic paint and difficult to blend.
I have Called Toyota Regional Office and explained what is happening and had Koch 33 Toyota send pictures of the peeled paint taken in order for the estimate to be done and it has been roughly three weeks. I had asked them two questions, One being is this going to continue to happen to which I did not get an answer. Two was would they help me by absorbing some of this cost of painting the piece that fell off and their answer was NO they would not. Searching online I see that Toyota is having problem with other makes and models with the Metallic White Paint. It almost seem to be a defect in the paint perhaps even a recall depending on how many cars were affected.
Since Regional did not help me with what I thought was an honest request I am now turning to National seeking help with my problem.

Respectfully yours,
George Wynne Jr.
80 North 9th Street
Bangor, PA 18013

Mar 12, 2018
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  • Lo
      Apr 04, 2019

    Have the same problem with my 2012 Rav4. It's barely used as it has only 90000 kms, that's roughly 50 000 miles. Big chunks of paint coming off and Toyota won't help. So much for standing behind your product.

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  • Ki
      Jun 24, 2019

    @Lou58 My white Rav 4 has only 27000 m. and has 3 places where the paint has bubbled and come off and the places are getting bigger and bigger and 3 days ago
    I noticed 2 more places starting. They should have a recall on the paint. I dont understand it AT ALL!!

    Kim Jannett
    Corydon, Indiana

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