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Scion XB Pelling off paint, United States

On 6/14/15, I brought Scion XB (white paint) with 30k mileages and extended warranty (to 2020). No problem till a week ago. An unexpected bad thing happened in my car - The paint started peeling off, half of the paint on the top of the car already gone. Peeling just keeps going to other parts of the car. (1) I went to auto body shop, suggested me to contact Toyota cooperation and file a "Factory Defect complaint". (2) The cooperation (1800.331.4331) Customer Service Heks told me to take car to the dealer to confirm the defect for repairing. (3) The dealer won't take the responsibility. I brought their extended warranty (to 2020), dealer said, it doesn't cover the paint problem. (4) I did research on the Web, found this is a common problems in Scion white paint. A lot of complaints/fights with Toyota. (5) I am frustrate/mad to spend so much of time to fight the battle with big Toyota, Toyota just don't take any responsibility???, Can any one tell me how to go from here?

Toyota Motor Corporation

Feb 8, 2019

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