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Toyota Motor Corporation / dealer and district manager

1 La Verne, CA, United States

Dear Customer Service Management,

I am contacting you today after an experience that I had with Glendora Toyota and District Manager Calla Morrison.

I have a 2016 Toyota Rav 4 Limited. I lease it through Toyota Financial Services and pay my payments faithfully and always before they are due. I take immaculate care of my Toyota, which I love. That is why I am writing to you today to let you know that you make a great product but I am having an issue with the leather peeling off the material backing of one of the bottom seat covers in my Rav 4 and I was very unhappy with the response I received from the District Manager that services Glendora Toyota.

A short history…Indulge me, because it is relevant.

I took my Toyota in today after having it at Glendora Toyota for an issue a week ago. My Toyota was not resetting the projected miles til empty every time I filled it up with gas. Periodically it did not reset and I took it in to see if there was an issue with it.

I was told, after leaving it there for half a day, that sometimes it does not reset if you've not put enough gas in to reactivate the sensor to recalculate the projected miles. I said ok, that's fine. I was not aware of that but now that I understand I will not expect it to reset every time, especially if I don't put very much gas in it to refill the tank to full. If someone would have explained that to me I wouldn't have had to leave it there for half a day to be told that. I also had noticed that there was a piece of leather on the seat that was peeling away from the backing material and I asked them to address it, as the car only has a little over 13, 000 miles on it.

Glendora Toyota told me they would have to have approval from the District Manager, Calla Morrison for replacement. I said fine, call me when she is able to look at it the next time she is in, so I can bring it in for inspection. I did not hear back from Brendan in the service dept. for over a week and when I called him on Wed of this week he said she would be in this Friday, and could I bring it in at 9:30 am, the timeframe they requested….in the window of time she would be there. I said yes, that's fine. He never apologized for not getting back to me.

I arrived there this morning at 9:30 am and was told that Calla Morrison had one other car to look at and that she would get to the other car inspection and then mine after she was done meeting with the Manager. I asked how long it might be and Brendan said he didn't really know. I waited an hour…while I perused the accessory store and bought a custom made Rav 4 sunshade for my car, as I did not like the fit of the one I had bought from Amazon. I spoke with an accessory sales person and had a nice conversation with him. After the hour I waited, I went out to the service area to look for Brendan the service associate that was taking care of my service, and he said she approved the the changeout of the bottom seat cover but I would have to pay for the labor of the changeout. Approximately, $160.00.

I told Brendan that that was not acceptable. I take immaculate care of my Toyota and I was not going to pay for the labor of a defective seat cover, where the leather is peeling away from backing material, when it is still under warranty. I told Brendan and the Service Manager Dave Davey that I wanted a resolution to this. He told me that he would have to speak to Calla Morrison and see what she could do. I asked if I could speak with her and Dave said that she will not speak with customers. That is her policy….Sorry, but that is not good customer service. I worked as a Sales Director for a National Building Manufacturer for years. That would not be acceptable in our organization.

To Dave's credit, he called me back later this afternoon and said that Calla Morrison would not approve paying for the labor on the changeout. I asked why, and he said that she thought that I had damaged or tore it somehow…. I have to say, I was insulted to hear this…. so that brings us to now.

I believe in Toyota products and have always had good things to tell people of my Rav 4 and the service.

I am saddened to get such a response from the District Manager. After my experience today and having it in last week for half a day…my time is valuable too….when they easily could have told me about the reset issue. Instead of leaving it there for half a day. I will not be able to praise Toyota and your service, as I have in the past.
I understand that Glendora Toyota would have to get approval for the bottom seat cover changeout, but I don't understand why the service people wouldn't have the education to know about the rest issue, since all cars have that feature. It seems like service people should know that doesn't it ? Should I really have to leave my car there for half a day to be told that.

To be honest, I am not a crazy person. But I am meticulous and I like to take very good care of my car. It's important to me.

I believe that the people that started Toyota probably felt the same way about the cars they made. Am I asking too much for a car that only has 13, 000 miles on it, to be in tip top shape, with the care and pride that I take in my car ?

I will attach pictures of the peeling leather and the interior of my car, so that you will see the kind of care I take in my car.

I look forward to your response to this email and for a resolution to this issue.

Doug Scholl


After all the work of writing this email and taking pictures, your Toyota system would not allow me to present the email or pictures to you. It said one more step but then would not let me submit it.
You are lucky/ or not that I copied the email before I submitted it and to let you know I will find another route to get it to you tomorrow or on Monday.

Was this intentional to not let me submit this document and pictures ? Very sad and wrong if it was.

The system did not give me any any instructions that I was over my limit of words or picture size. It let me go through the whole process twice but then would not let me submit it.

You should address this. I will be contacting someone as high as I need to go with this. This is not right.
I only desire what is fair. And this was not fair or right !

Toyota Motor Corporation
Toyota Motor Corporation
Toyota Motor Corporation
Toyota Motor Corporation

Jul 15, 2018

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