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Toyota Motor Corporation - 2002 Toyota Prius / multiple toyota 2002 prius problems!

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I have an 2002 Prius. Since we have owned the car we have had a multitude of problems. Those problems include:

1) Car has gone through 12 tires in under 90,000 miles. No matter what is adjusted on the car, it eats the tires. This has included one blow out.

2) Grounding bracket broke lose and had to have it serviced. Was covered by warranty.
The following repairs were all made between 60,000 and 90,000 miles.

3) In less than 500 miles after my $300+ 60,000 mile service my fuel pump went out. It took a week to get it back and I had to rent a car since we did not have another. Within 2 days of getting the car back it went out again and had to be replaced. Another long wait and car rental.

4)Between 60,000 and 70,000 miles, there were multiple problems with the fuel pump, various related parts and the fuel injectors. I was told the injectors could not be cleaned on a Prius, only replaced. It cost over $600. Corporate Toyota later informed me that the injectors could be cleaned. Other have said they cannot be. It seems Toyota does not know its own vehicles.

5) Steering failed while driving down the interstate. Without warning, it became nearly impossible to steer. I have been tracking the steering problems with the Prius. My Prius has had the exact same problem as the others yet Toyota says they corrected the problem before mine was manufactured. I even reported the problem to several dealerships before it went out because it would shake and vibrate, lock up and jerk to the right. This was mainly happening when you first started the car. Toyota could never find the problem. I had to pay $2,200 to fix the problem. The dealership I brought the car to, Beaman toyota, was of no help. The only reason I brought the car to them was because the car broke down next to them.
Corporate Toyota looks for the local dealership to vouch for the customers, in other words, to see if you have come in regularly, are a loyal customer etc... Since I had never been there before, they did not vouch for me. I sent corporate Toyota a 30+ page fax of all my service receipts from the different dealerships I have been to. We have moved several times so we have had several dealerships. When we find a good one, we stick with them and we're loyal. we have had all our maintenance done, even oil changes at Toyota. It counted for nothing. Loyalty to Toyota is meaningless. They know that they can replace you with another customer at the drop off a hat.

The vehicle was bought to be reliable. Between 60,000 and 90,000 miles alone, the car has required nearly $5,000 in repairs, maintenance and tires. It has financially strained our family. One of the representatives from Toyota, Haven, agreed that our car did not represent what they consider Toyota quality, yet they will do nothing about it.

Over the course of ownership, I have dealt with Toyota financing, corporate Toyota and multiple dealerships. I can say they are all lacking.

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  • Le
      20th of Sep, 2008
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    I have a 2007 Prius. On five different occasions, I had a difficult time getting gasoline into the bladder. In fact, I've spent up to twenty minutes pumping gas. Last week, in frustration, I asked the attendent to help. It took him twelve minutes and he pumped two gallons. I took the car twice to Toyota in San Francisco. That service shop had never heard of TSB 0163-08 which is a bulletin of others who have had this same problem. After checking out the car, Toyota in San Francisco said that the problem was with the nozzles at the gas stations and that I should find gas stations with the newest nozzles. Sometimes I have no problem getting the gas in and other times I do. So it's not the nozzle. HELP!!!

  • Bo
      2nd of Sep, 2009
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    I had a 2002 prius that i bought at an auto auction! The mileage was a bit high but I figured it was a toyota and it was going to last a loooong time. wrong. I had it 2 months when it started running rough. I took it to toyota for service and they said that the code was saying that it needed possibly a transmission, batteries and other stuff that would cost me $4000 to repair. I got scared of the prius so I bought a kia for $9000 with a trade in of $500! Then I get a letter from Toyota 6 months after this stating that the coding was coming out incorrectly and that if we got a certain code (i can't remember it off hand, but it was the same code) then it was a simple fix and would fix the stalling with a minimal cost! I am livid!! Now I am working to sue toyota at least for the actual trade in allowance I should have been due! which, by the way, in good condition was $5000!!! TEN TIMES WHAT THEY GAVE ME!!

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