Toyotamarket monopolized and greedy behavior from toyota distributor

N Nov 27, 2017

hi, To whom may concern
I write this email to bring attention to Toyota Corporation.

I am a foreigner who stayed in China more than 14 years. I am always Toyota Camry's fans, but I had to switch to another car brand (Honda) in year 2010, where Toyota distributor in Shenzhen are bad, bad, bad in providing their services to a Toyota fans.

Bad feeling happen again recently when I decided to purchase a new Camry.

I am interested in new Camry 2018 since this car launch in US in the beginning of 2017. I followed all news on this car until recently when the car launched in Nov 2017
Official announced car details price is very attractive, and immediately I had decide to buy this car, even no show room car available due to long term confidence and trust on Toyota overall quality..

on 26 of Nov, I did visited to 2 distributor in Shenzhen, China, and communicate with their sales representative, I understand that those distributors had an alliance in ShenZhen, and they do fixed higher selling price in SZ area, those distributor had force consumer must purchase car insurance with distributor (even this is against China insurance law) and distributor had add in additional expenses like car registration where the fee is much higher than market price. I did negotiated with the sales representative on just buy the car without purchase car insurance and from distributor and the result from them is "NO", this is all distributor agreement and they can't sale car if the price lower than their pre-agreed price which is RMB 316, 800 ( official selling price is at RMB 279800).
On 26 of Nov, I did call to Toyota Camry hotline in China. I did complained that I can't find a place to purchase new Camry, where all distributors in SZ will not sell car to me, due to I don't want to purchase car insurance and registration fee. In another word, distributor in purpose add in additional fee for new Camry as they are monopoly Shenzhen car market.

On 27 of Nov, a customer service called me (MR. Liang) from Guangzhou, he mentioned that I must purchase car from SZ market, and he will have a car distributor to contact me, in overall he said, additional fee from distributor is not under control by manufacturer, they can't do anything on this.

In the afternoon of 27 of Nov, I received a call from another distributor in Shenzhen (MR. Liang did contact with them), this sales representative mentioned that they can allow me to purchase insurance by myself, however, will only agree on cost reduction of RMB 8000(not RMB10, 000) and the car registration is a must to collect RMB 3000 (where other place is only RMB500). He also mentioned this is the best they can offer, lower than this price, they will not sell the car to me. Regarding the delivery date, he also mentioned that this is high end model, they may take about 6 to 7 months on delivery.

I understand that distributor want to maximize their profit as the car just launch and the car is shortage in supply at the moment, therefore they add impose additional fee just to take more advantages
As a consumer, I always stand for my rights, I also would like to find a balance in between. As I know this car official price is at RMB 279, 800. Is there any way for me to get order the car without buying car insurance and registration fee from your greedy Toyota distributor who are monopoly the market and defamation Toyota reputation in China in general

Again, Is there anything that Toyota China/ Toyota Global, Toyota Japan can do to help this situation? Or any better solution to this issue? Or nothing and continue to disappointing Toyota fans ?

Then fine, I will be another disappointed loyal Toyota fans that have to switch to another car brand and good bye to Toyota and their premium quality car.

P/S i am not sure this email will send to correct concern persons, as it is difficult to find a customer service email from Toyota corporate. i suggest Toyota corporation provide a general email in your website.

Very disappointing Toyota fans.

Nelson Beh

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