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Toshiba Plasma 42 Inch Tv / warranty scam

1 United States

I am being completely defrauded by Best Buy via an extended warranty I purchased on a 42 inch Toshiba plasma TV. I had an intermittent problem with the TV this past January so I decided to utilize my warranty and get it fixed (I should have left it alone..) I contacted BestBuy and they sent their exclusive service provider Advisory TV from Queens County, NY. Long of the short since January Advisory has replaced 4 different parts in the TV, have been to my home 7 times and on top of that removed the TV to take to their repair center for 10 days. Upon return from the repair center the same problem existed and Advisory said the TV is a "total loss". I contacted Geek Squad and they denied my claim stating that I needed to have 1 more home visit to approve an exchange, in other words they needed to see in person that after all the repairs the same problem existed. Once again Advisory was sent to my home and confirmed that the problem still existed and again stated to BestBuy "total loss". To add insult here I have a voice message from a Geek Squad rep from 2 weeks prior, stating that they will not authorize any further repairs and all I need to do is have this last visit by Advisory to confirm that the same problem exists and then in 3-5 days I will get an authorization code to swap out the TV. Yesterday in an unbelievable move BestBuy denied my claiming stating that I have not met the necessary "4 repairs" in order to have an exchange. They admitted that they screwed up having Advisory come back to my home to perform an exchange evaluation and finally they said if Advisory would state in a report that "the tv is unrepairable" then they would approve. Advisory stated in their report "we do not recommend further repair, the TV is a total loss and needs replacement." Yet, somehow without these "magic words" I have been denied, again. So now Advisory will submit a new report with the magic words and I will again be denied for another made up reason. This is consumer fraud at its best, breach of warranty and to top it off BestBuy refuses to issue a single written document to me denying the claim, they allege " we cannot send you a letter." DO NOT NOT NOT get an extended warranty from BestBuy, and frankly I would not shop there ever again. I will take this to Court without question.

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