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Toshiba Satellite Notebook — toshiba notebook problems

Dear Consumers Defenders, In the beginning of January (2sd Jan) I bought a new laptop TOSHIBA Satellite...

The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Toshiba America - Hd Dlp Projection Tvtoshiba is refusing to honor a new &engine light& faulty part

My husband and I purchase on July 28, 2006 a 62" HD DLP Projection TV. Around Sept 28 2006 there was a very loud "Humming Noise" Had placed numerous telephone calls to various authorized Toshiba Dealers and was finally able to get a repairman out to our residence on November 20,2006.

At that time the problem turned out to be a part that is referred to as "Light Engine par" It was not until January 2, 2007 that the new part was replaced. Then around January 27, 2007 I had to placed another call stating " the part that was replaced on January 2,2007 is making the same noise. A Toshiba Dealer representative from the same authorized dealer came back out on January 27, 2007 and verified that the part that had been replaced was also "Faulty" he was then going to request from the Toshiba Tech. Support Team for another part.

I received a telephone call from the dealer and was told that "Toshiba is refusing to honor a new "Engine Light" faulty part. I placed a telephone call directly to Toshiba Customer Service on January 29th and on the 31st I got a call back stating that Toshiba does not have to authorize the replacement part because we did not use an authorized sponsor dealership to buy our TV from.

I have even written Toshiba a long letter and also requested a Customer Service Manager to call me back. So Far no dice. Now I am surfing the Internet for addresses to send a letter too.

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    • Se
      Sergio Castro Feb 26, 2007
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      Dear Consumers Defenders,

      In the beginning of January (2sd Jan) I bought a new laptop TOSHIBA Satellite A105-S4384 – serial # Y6329363Q, in a Circuit City store # 846 – Gaithersburg – MD (Invoice # [protected]).

      After 16 days (Jan 18th), the computer’s system stopped working and I tried to exchange it in the store, but the store only exchanges until 14 days. But they saw the computer and told me that the HD was dead.

      I called the TOSHIBA Warranty and had my first CASE # and orientation to reboot the computer with the restore discs inside the box. The computer worked, but in 1 week it showed the same problem.

      I called TOSHIBA again and the orientation was the same: “restore the computer with the restore disks”. One more week and the computer was dead again.

      I received the CASE # authorization to send it to an authorized service repair. I asked a friend to try the exchange, but we receive another CASE # [protected]) to repair it.

      On Saturday, Feb 17th, I left the computer at RICHARDS COMPUTER – FAIRFAX [protected]) - more than 17 miles far from my house. After 1 week, the computer was ready, with the order # 021113Z6C, by replacing the System Board and reinstalling factory software (more 17 miles to got it again).

      When I arrived at home I tried to use it on the second time, I saw this message: “USERINIT.EXE – Application Error”. I called TOSHIBA again and I had the CASE # 1/[protected] on Sunday Feb 25th. I reinstalled the operational system two times with no success after more than 2 hours with the technical assistance by phone.

      Since the first problem I have been trying to exchange the device, I mean, I don’t want my money back yet. I only want to have a new computer that I can work with. After all these days, I received another number CASE (# 1/[protected]) with the orientation to try the exchange.

      Today, after waiting for more than one hour on the phone, I could talk with Mr. John Mike and in the CASE # T1-95ZWD4 he wants to try repair the computer again. But now, I want a new one or my money back.

      Next Friday, I’ll complete 2 months with this computer without using it, because it is only a problem in my life, and I paid almost $ 1 thousand for it.

      I am sending this message to all the Companies and newspaper that I can imagine to aid me.

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    Toshiba Laptop — liquid damage to the mother board

    I purchased a Toshiba laptop about 2 years ago from Best buy. I purchased the extended life warranty and then...

    Toshiba Laptopdefective product

    Don't buy a toshiba laptop. Don't buy at circuit city until you find out if Your new computer is really two years old already.

    The key board looses keys that can't be replaced except by sending it back To the maker, the letters come off with use, the key pad paint rubs off, and The keys actually stop working, like "t" on my computer.

    This happens immediately. If you don't have time to send it back to the Manufacturer, they will not replace it.

    The battery was half dead also when i bought it and it caused me a lot of Problems with the computer until a toshiba rep told me finally to take it Out of the machine permanently.

    I sent toshiba this information and they ignored it.

    I bought a 3 year warranty and circuit city and they won't help either.

    So consider their warranty in light of this.

    Good luck with another product.

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      • Ni
        Nina Fahnestock Jan 07, 2007
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        I was notified by Customer Retention Service on 19 DEC 06 in an effort to resolve my Toshiba computer problem and the fact I wanted my money back because even after following all the required procedures and management steps it still never worked. This has been 5 months. I agreed to have it looked at one more time. I was given an invalid e-mail address by Trish, so I couldn't notify her that it was picked up by Fed-Ex, nor did she give me telephone number for any contact. Trish has not made any follow up calls. I got the computer back today without any paperwork. I called Richard's Computer this afternoon and Mike said he couldn't duplicate any of the problems. He said he installed a new systems board. He said I should try it out and let him know. Does that mean waste another 3 or 4 hours to see if you and the computer repair peoples did your jobs? This is really unprofessional. I would like to be contacted regarding this. If the computer works, the warranty needs to begin today. If it doesn't, well let's start again. I want my money back. We are now starting month 6. My school has been postponed and I have spent hundreds of wasted hours with this freak of a computer, that need to be replaced last August.

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      • Ka
        Kathy A. Lovan Sep 22, 2010

        Have had the same problems with Toshiba. Sent in to have the two USB ports had a piece of plastic come out of the port. Paint worn off of mouse pad and key worn. They told me nothing was under warranty and the cost would be over $360.00 Thats nearly what it cost new. You have to replace the entire motherboard if the USB ports go bad. Sounded like this computer is one of the rare ones that has the USB ports directly attached to the motherboard. Sounds like a defect to me and should be covered. Toshiba does not honor it's warranty and I will never purchase another Toshiba computer.

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      Toshiba Laptoppoor after sales service

      I bought my Toshiba Laptop-Satellite AS 80in April 2005. SInce the very first day it had the problem of connecting to internet through the modem. WIthin a month its CD-ROM stopped functioning and I had to wait for more than 2 months for its replacement. I hoped that with the replacement, the machine will be perfectly fine and will not bother me any more. But after a few weeks, a strange metallic sound started coming from the bottom whenever the laptop used to heat up and the cooling fan was on. I told about this to the authorised service centre people in Jaipur, who refused to accept that there can be any such problem in the machine. Just to get the machine checked, I took it to the service centre from Jodhpur to Jaipur. That day they told me that they have severed the links from Toshiba and they being the HCL outlet will not provide Toshiba support. I was shocked that first they ask me to come to Jaipur and then direct me to go to Noida for customer support.

      Still I requested them to atleast take a look at the machine, so that I can atleast anticipate the severity of the flaw in the machine. They again ignored my request without even checking the system and holding that this noise is because of the dust accumulated in the system.

      I returned back to Jodhpur and called the Noida office about the same. There I came to know that there has been no severence between Toshiba and HCL and they emphatically told me that service will be available in Jaipur. I called Jaipur and they replied with the lamest excuse saying that there was a misunderstanding about a policy issue. This is ridiculous! I could not understand the situation. But now when I look back at the events that followed, it occurs to me that all that drama was to avoid providing service during the warranty period.

      And in the meanwhile the warranty expired. In April 2006, I took my laptop to Mumbai service point. There my experience was the most horrible of all. I was told that the warranty expired just two days back and they refused to consider my case that I came from Jodhpur. Still I agreed to pay for the service. I told them repeated ly about the problem of noice but their the whole setup was so rigid and bureaucratic that not only they were very slow in attending the customers but they were probably not competent enough work in such a big organisation.

      I mean, for every single question of the customer, the junior engineer was going inside to mandatorily take the opinion of his senior. And the customer was made to sit in a small room, waiting for his return. There, I met people who were waiting for more than four hours and were not yet attended even once. This is the limit of incompetence.

      I still gave my laptop hoping that the problem will be daignosed and fixed. In return they gave me the piece saying that there was some problem with the fan which they have fixed and have serviced the machine. I shelled out more than Rs. 3000 for the whole adventure. Later on my return to Jodhpur, after a few days of usage of machine the same sound started coming again and this time I had no one to complain. I thought that may be this sound is part of the system and is so insignificant a problem that the engineers themselves ignore it as it might be harmless to the system. I kept using the machine and within a few days, the laptop had developed sensitive areas on the keyboard and the area around mouse pad, where if the hand was rested, the system used to hang! And within a few more days, that is presently, the system stopped booting unless it is held in a particular position pressing a particular point on the area near mouse pad. The processing LED doesn't glow in normal positions. The system is hung 24 hours.

      I am so much dissatisfied with my Toshiba purchase, that given a chance I would stand and scream to people that buying Toshiba product is inviting troubles as it has proved to be a biggest blunder of my life. I feel ashamed of being associated with Toshiba and HCL.

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        • Ma
          Manu Bhalla May 17, 2007
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          I am facing the same problem with my Toshiba Tecra S2. The machine does not start unless i press the left corner near the touch pad. even then the machine restarts again 3 - 4 times and then starts working. additionally, the machine hangs without any warning any time.

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        • Ma
          Maj. Viz Sodi May 17, 2007
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          Dear Shard,

          I completely disagree with you. I have purchased two toshiba laptops from Jodhpur - Rishabh Markeint, ishop of Toshiba at Jodhpur. Fist laptop was purchased for my self in 2005 same is still working in perfect condition, second was purchased in nov 2006 for my son studying in MBM Jodhpur. I am more then satisfied with the services of Rishabh Marketing at Jodhpur. My laptop adapter was burned and i was in Jaislmer i called Mr. Ravi Sancheti of Rishabh Marketing and told him about my problem and urgent need of the machine, the guy was so generous and helpful that he arranged for a stand - by for me from his stocks and i got the replacement in just 8 days. My son had some virus problem and was not able to boot his machine he had some very important documents in his laptop. This time also the support from Mr. Ravi was so good that he himself sat with his engineers till 11 pm and got all the information needed from the laptop and next day we got the laptop in perfectly working condition. I have further upgraded my laptop with 1 GB of RAM and a dual DVD Writer, every thing was readily available at their shop. I think that you must have not purchased the laptop from Rishabh Marketing, else you wont have faced such type of issues .

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