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I just saw a charge of $59.99 from TLG Great Fun on a credit card that I haven't used in awhile. I don't even have the actual card. I have no idea what this charge is for. The credit card company told me that I had to call the company to cancel the "account." How did they even know the phone number so quickly without having to look it up? Chase and TLG Great Fun are obviously operating together. TLG told me that I would have a refund in 7 business days. I better or I will have no choice but to take this to a higher level. Beware and read your credit card statements carefully!

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  • Ke
      Jul 16, 2008

    I have been getting illegially charged for over 2 years without knowing it. I did not pay close enough attention to a credit card I used frequently until it was cut up and come to find out every month I am being charged for 12.99 dollars clears every 17th of the month. they owe me hundreds.

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  • Ja
      Nov 12, 2008

    Yes, I just checked my credit card charges and saw that they charged me, I accidentaly signed up with the company, without reading throughly, and I cancelled quickly after, like a day, and that was several months ago, I just saw a charge for today, I called: 1-877-488-9480 and spoke to Keysha, she cancelled for me and said they'll be crediting my card. I asked for a confirmation email, she said they don't send emails, but she gave me a confirmation code. She stated she cancelled the account and I would be refunded, and that's all that I could do. They are very fraudulent and horrible. I will report them to the BBB. today is 11-12-08.

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  • Ma
      Feb 18, 2009

    I was pissed to say the least, When I found out I was being charged 12.99 a month to my debit card...for somthing I had no clue about. I called this company and they told me it was somthing I had done throw I didn't give anyone the right to charge my debit card. I haven't gotton a thing to show for the 12.99 a month.

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  • Ch
      Apr 10, 2009

    MY cebit card was illegally charged by TLG for $11.99 . TLG told me it was because I made a reservation through I told them that no where in the Terms & Conditions for did it state I would be charged by TLG. Had it, I would have quickly declined. I already knew they were scammers from a previous experience which took me nearly two years to clear up. Further, I made no such flight reservations, on or around the date I was charged. I demanded they cancel this alleged TLG account. When the girl refused and kept giving me her sales pitch, I finally hung up. I will get refunded by the bank and spend a lot or wasted time and energy fighting these crooks.

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  • Ec
      Jul 29, 2009

    I too was scammed. I didn't even go through the process and was charged. Chaquajne was the one that I spoke with. She said that she credited my card and I should see it in 7 days. We'll see. Mine was because of I won't do business with them ever again. This company should be shut down.

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  • I learned from this complaint to never click on any discount coupon. And I agree forget
    Shoebuy. Who knows what third world country the merchandise is coming from!!!
    The company probably makes large bulk buys that aren't returnable to a mfr. Shoebuy
    doesn't appear to have any intention of crediting anyone for defective merchandise!

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  • Sh
      Feb 08, 2011

    Run! Don't Walk away from this "company". While I haven't been charged (yet), I have spent nearly two months attempting to receive the refund coupons for my Hertz Rent A Car from last Christmas Eve. The lure of signing up for a trial membership was that I'd receive a $40 discount on my rental car purchase, once I returned the promised coupons. Not only did I have to call to receive an extension on my trial, but it has taken nearly a month since that date to receive the "coupons" only to discover that both of them EXPIRED as of December and JUNE of 2010. I will be making a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against both Great-Not-So-Fun and Hertz. Shame, especially, on a company as well-known as Hertz for associating themselves with this shoddy organization.

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  • St
      Aug 27, 2011

    I recieved a phone call from an agency associated with my bank on 5-6-09. They told me that a company that is known to be associated with fraud charged my bank account for 12.99. I thought that someone had stolen my debit card number and was using it. Turns out that this company got MY information from a website where I had purchased checks. When I called them, the opening recording stated that I was supposed to have recieved membership information and a billing statement. I never recieved either. When I asked why I had never recieved this information, I was told that I probable threw it away. HOW WOULD THEY KNOW?!!! They never sent it! I proceded to tell them that by using my information and taking money from me without my permission was theft. These people have no remorse for the hundreds (or maybe thousands) of people that they have stolen from. If anyone wants to try to do something to stop these people, e-mail me at [[protected]] (link: mailto:[protected] If enough of us get together, maybe we can stop these criminals. I only lost thirteen dollars, but I've read many stories about people who have lost more because of this company. Let's shut them down.

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  • Do
      Sep 07, 2017

    Upon looking over my Chase Credit Card I find I have be charged $16.99 per month for many months. This company is a SCAM. My card company is claiming FRAUD. This company needs shut down. I think each and every one of us should sue them. Please send me the info to do this.

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