TJMaxextremely poor customer service! non existing customer service on website purchase...

I hope this complaint is read by TJMax Corporate office; hopefully they would be as outraged as I am ( as a customer) for the lack of responsibility, professional handling of issues and approach related to customer service by this company. My name J Gonzalez, am a regular client through your website; this time I made a large purchase of cosmetics, toiletries items and custom Jewelry; I received my order confirmation and receipt via email, as usual within hours. 8 days later I received an email that my order had been shipped, I have a POBox address where I get my packages delivered. I waited 6 more days for my package to arrive, but the package did not arrive; I checked back 3 days later, still no delivery; TJ max had no answers for me; I called UPS customer service with tracking #, next day. I was told by UPS the package was being sent back to The sender because they had used a tracking # that is only used for home address delivery; Not for PO Box delivery. So they, TJMax, needed to change that info; I wanted to pick up my box at the UPS location if necessary, but they said they had notified the sender and my purchase was already processed and on its way back. Mind you I had already been charged on my credit card and paid my bill, without my purchase. I frantically called back TJMax to tell them my situation, and to please try to help anyway they could to have my purchase sent back or replaced. The agent who took my call, simply said we can't help you that way; we don't know when the merchandise will get back to the warehouse but you will get a refund when that happens. She said, If you "are still interested in getting those items you ordered over 20 days ago, u could place a new order or I can check for you if any of your items are still avlb. I tried to reason with her about what I was expecting from her to do as a Customer service agent, at least to try to help in getting my purchase back since it was clearly their fault, but she said she could not do anything else for me; I asked for a supervisor or manager to talk to; she refused and told me they had several managers in house but they were all busy taking calls; she said the procedure was to send an email to the Mngrs in house and within 3 days someone will call me back!? it's been 5 days and No One has had the courtesy to call back. I was obviously interested in getting what I had ordered and paid for a month earlier ; I was left in limbo, as a customer am totally disappointed at the lack of interest in even been courteous to their customers, no reliability not an ounce of professionalism or courtesy; a total shame! I did not get what I had purchased; they never informed me of what had happened; I did not get a phone call or got to speak to someone of authority when I needed it and requested it and they have Not credit my credit card yet!, very unreliable service and No customer service, !

Jul 30, 2018

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