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Tissot / tissot watch

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I am a gadget freak. It is a good thing that I don't work for Sharper image and the like because I would certainly be insolvent. Anyway I get a Tissot T-touch Titanium for Christmas and love the watch. 3 months later it just quits. No problem probably jusart needs a battery.....I take it to the local watch guy to put a new battery and to my surprise he tells me he will not touch it and I need to send it to Tissot. So now I take it to the jewelry that sells them and they write up a ticket and send it to the factory. I am starting to feel a little fear because I can only imagine how much repairs could be for the watch and I am thankful it has a two year warranty. Four months.....yes....120 ndays later the jewelry store calls anbd tells me it is going to be 250 bucks for the repairs. Wow....could it be true that the factory itself doesn't know what their own warranty is? Lots of little red flags start popping up....I truly fear that my watch is a lemon...and that I will be in the local food lines before I know itbecause of the costly repairs it is sure to need. Ok after they quoted me the cost and after I told them it was under warranty about 30 ndays later I get the watch. I am hoping this is just a freak thing and it will keep on ticking like it should for years to come. Wrong!!!!!!! Three months later i am sending it back for the same problem and also one of the little buttons popped off somewhere and)) I need another one (this is a cosmetic problem..True to form and in line with my low expectations I get the watch back 4 months later along with a bill for $80 american dollars for the freakin cosmetic button part. I don't object because I want my watch back. Long story short my 2 year warranty equals a little over one year because I didn't have it for over eight months. Ok this brings me to the present. The other day my watch falls off my arm. Thank goodness it fell off at home because had it been at a ballgame or the airport or any other public place I probably wouldn't have noticed it missing for sometime. I am thinking that the pin gave out and figured this is one repair I can handle myself....WRONG!!!!!....the pin didn't fall out.....a piece of the titanium watch band clasp had dissapeared....the piece that holds the pin. I do not want to send it off for fear of a $200 bill and it taking 6 months to fix. I am now trying to see if I can just buy the part and fix it myself only to find that there is no one on ebay...nowhere is this part available except thru...guess who....Tissot. Don't walk but do RUN away from this watch company....I have never been so disapointed in a watch or a watch your money and your sanity at the same time.

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  • Pa
      3rd of Mar, 2008
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    yep had the same problem I was sold on this watch whilst on holidays, well its not every day i am in switzerland is it? being from Australia and was really sold on the whole Swiss make quality watches blah blah blah story from the tour guide who incidentally had one himself and we were taken to where apparently all tourists go to get swiss watch bargains shop well ripped off anyway I outlayed something like $850 Aussie bucks the most amount of money (and last time) I have outlayed for a watch ever I got home and after a while 6 months or so i noticed the pusher buttons were jamming up and then the screen blinked continuously and the touch fuction stopped furious I went searching for my warranty certificate could not find it anyhere in the box so i sent Tissot or Swatch who owns hem a cranky email and they replied and asked me to send it in well they fixed the watch which was nice of them and sent it back I vowed never to wear it except going out and bought a cheap kmart watch to wear day to day well 3 months ago i have wore it maybe a dozen time since getting it back it has been sitting in my wifes jewellery box and yep the buttons are all jammed the touch function has failed and the screen is blank again i have given up and ya know what the kmart crap watch is still goin...
    And i caught up with a guy who went on the same trip
    recently who was also sold on the tissot swiss masterpiece
    and his watch too is on the blink and is now out of warranty

  • Le
      23rd of Sep, 2012
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    Yes I completely agree with the quality of these Tissot watches. I received a lovely 30th birthday present from my parents, a tissot watch that costs almost $1k. 2 years later the hand timepiece loses time (digital is ok). I figure it is the battery. Change that, still the same problem. I send it to swatch for repairs and they do something ($200 later). A couple of months later the same issue reappears. I send it back again. They keep it for a week, run some tests and send it back to me saying it is fine. This has happened about 10 times now. Each time they have it they keep it for 1-4 weeks, don't do anything and send it back. Every time it gets back to me it lasts anywhere from 2 days to 2.5 months before the same problem reoccurs. I have given up, completely over the whole process. Won't be buying a tissot watch ever again!

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