Tissot / maldives reef side tissot authorised agent confirms fake product

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I brought the following watch it was not working when arrived and its confirm by the agent as fake please confirm.
Serial 16ja0372173
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Tissot carson white dial two-tone ladies watch t0852102201300
Order #m1561373 - shipped

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Tissot carson white dial two-tone ladies watch t0852102201300
Ordered: 1
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Subtotal $237.00
Shipping & handling $46.78
Grand total $283.78

Mar 11, 2017
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  • Vi
      Mar 22, 2017

    Tissot is one of the most misunderstood watches, on their low end products (under 1k) they make most of their parts in China while using mostly ETA movements and thus some unprofessional and uneducated retailers "jump the gun" and yell FAKE, they have no clue !!!

    You need to send it in to Tissot directly and get that in writing if it is to be a real claim! otherwise your are yelling wolf along with that agent who probably does not know a thing or 2 about the "Swiss made" laws and probably does not know watches either.

    FYI; there was a recent change to the law and now it is 60% of the components value that must be made in Switzerland and not 50% as up to last year (2016)

    Victor A.

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