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Tire Kingdom / cheater unprofessional

1 Wesley Chapel, FL, United States Review updated:

Very Bad experience. I have my car replaced with 4 new tires (Mich Harmony MO1, 185/65R15). Later I found that the Aspect Ratio is not 65 instead of 60 on the tires. Very unprofessional.

Plus they offered free alignment checkup and then told me my wheels were out alignment and needed to adjusted. I suspected they did something to the alignment and refused to do the adjustment. Later proved that because the gas mileage dropped sharply so that I took my car to the dealer to do alignment. After the alignment the gas mileage recovered. So the free alignment checkup was a trap.

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  • 2m
      14th of Aug, 2009
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    I highly doubt anyone would make changes to ur alignment to sell you one. It simply is not worth the time or effort . You are obviously uneducated about automobiles and what it takes to prevent tire wear.

  • Ja
      30th of Nov, 2009
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    I am not sure what tire you are referring to. If you are referring to the Michelin MO1 then it only comes in a 185/65/15. That tire size with the 65 ratio is cheaper than the limited selection of 185/60/15. The comparable tire would be the Michelin AMI. And that tire would be more expensive. If you do not have the MO1 on your vehicle but on your receipt then it is possible someone made a mistake and gave you more expensive tires. Yay for you!

    If you do have the MO1 on your car but are supposed to have the 60 series tire then it is possible that the salesman was attempting to save you some money and give you the optional tire size. The difference is 5%. The 65 is the ratio/percentage of sidewall height computed by 65% of 185. You can do the math. I would opt to have that tire put on my car at an average of half the cost. In your case it is only about $10 cheaper per tire.

    The alignment issue is probably not likely. It is more difficult to actually make an adjustment for free then it is to just take the car off of the alignment rack. It isn't impossible but the wear pattern of your old tires would be a tell tale sign of a misaligned vehicle. If you had purchased the alignment then the technician would have had to go through the trouble of aligning the vehicle twice. Technicians really don't get paid that much to align vehicles at Tire Kingdom so that is unlikely. And FYI, most vehicles that have not had an alignment done in the last 6 months require some adjustment. That is just the lay of the land. Literally. The metal is meant to flex somewhat. Nothing is made to last forever. Lucky for us car owners the manufacturer creates adjustments to constantly tweak the suspension to keep the tires wearing evenly.

  • Ty
      3rd of Oct, 2012
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    Felt pressured while there. Trying to ”up-sell” everything, telling me the tires I purchased from them weren't good enough, that I should go for the more expensive brand. I explained to him that I was trading my car in soon for a new one, but that did not stop him from trying to sell me other services as well. Very high pressure sales environment. Will go back to Sams Club, no pressure there. You get you want, pay a fair price, and walk away feeling satisfied, and not feeling like you were taken advantage of.

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