Tire Kingdom / TBC Corporationoil change nightmare with a coupon. I was regarded a a beggar and asked to leave.

For many years I've been served by Tire Kingdom with zero complaints. Everything changed yesterday when I went to my local Tire Kingdom and was disrespected by this Associate name Jason Dean. All I asked him to do is to apply a coupon I received in the mail for a significant discount on synthetic oil changed. He literally said: "Ma'am, take your keys and vacate the premise." He made me feel as if I was begging him for anything. I have a valid coupon. That skimpy, skinny, disgusting man for a split second confused me for a bagger. He indecently refunded all the money back to my credit card, didn't charge me a penny and asked for me to leave the store in front of many other people. Who the hell this man thinks he is to disrespect me like that. I am appalled the district manager would hire someone with 0, Zero, Nada customer service like that. On another note, I am also complaining about the fact that this man Jason Dean in running a sort of scheme where when you get a quote on anything, he gives you two prices. One if you pay cash and the other if you pay with credit. I am not really sure what's the real deal there, but according to corporate, it should be the same price regardless of what means you use to pay for your service. A few months ago a had a flat tire, Jason Dean again approach and said: " if you pay cash, I can fix it for $19 versus if you pay with credit it will be $33. What the hell? I refused obviously to be part of such a scheme. I declined the "supposedly discount" and rather pay the full fee. I strongly believe, he should be investigated.

Jul 24, 2018

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