Tinder / tinder gold removed but payment off

South Africa


I would just like to ask when my Tinder Gold will be activated again. As previously mentioned a debit order already went of for a R199 for the 2nd month.

This is not returned so i think taking Tinder Gold off now is not fair as ive paid for something i did not want. But plse as i said since it has gone off my account again the 2nd month can run too. I dont mind having Tinder Gold for this 2nd month as that payment is gone. After i cancelled my subscription for the following month which was also after the 2nd debit order went off Tinder Gold was still removed but the R199.99 still off. I didnt mind having Gold the 2nd month but just cancelled my subscription so that next month it doesnt go off again.

Kindly please put it back since i have paid already for this month too.

Thanks so much and sorry i bothered you as i can understand you guys are obviously very busy. I too have several friends and girlfriends who are all on Tinder...

Have a good day

Jaco Hammond


Oct 25, 2017

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