Tindercancellation of tinder account and refund

C Aug 04, 2017

I joined Tinder in January 2017 and upgraded to Tinder Plus. However, I was taken ill and admitted to hospital with pneumonia on 23rd Februrary 2017. I realised it would be a long time before I would be fit enough to date and spoke with one of your customer support team on either 23rd/24th/25th February whilst in hospital. Your representative I spoke to me explained that there is a cooling off period after joining the site and that she would close down my account and refund me the subscription. I now find out that the £12.43 subscription has still been taken from my PayPal account since January until August, when I became alerted to this regular payment,
Can you please explain to me how this has happened and I require a refund as this account was closed through illness as explained above, and is therefore unauthorised?

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