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Timeshares By Owner / timeshare resale

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Problems began in April 2008 when a salesman for TSBO< Tracy Harris called me asking if I wanted to sell my timeshare at Magic Tree Resort in Kissimmee, Fl. He guaranteed me he would have it sold within 60 days. He said he already had a buyer, financing approved and money down. All he needed was a fee of$ 698.00 for a title search and closing costs.. After 2 months and no sale a different salesman, Shawn called and said for additional money he would get my unit sold. I was going through chemotherapy for Leukemia at the time, so when I left the hospital I called to get my money from the sale. Beth King then called back and said she was a specialist who gets all the cases that have not sold within a year, and for $1, 698 more she would have it sold immediately. When that did'nt happen Neal called and said he would sell it within 60 days. Mr. K. White in his response to my complaints with the Minnesota and Florida Attorney Generals Office and the BBC says he does not know what was stated by the sales representatives.. He says it was my fault for purchasing the services of TSBO, but he has no clue about what was said. Then, why did 4 different agents call me and use the same exact words, telling me outright lies to get a sale. All 4 agents represented themselves as real estate agents that already had buyers. Mr. K. White is responsible for what his sale people say, even if it is different than the tape verification. The Consumer Protection act of Florida prevents salesmen to sell real estate without a license. It also states that they cannot use false and misleading statements. Someone has to stop Timeshares By Owner NOW>

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  • Je
      12th of Jun, 2011
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    I am the CEO of Timeshares By Owner. We want all timeshare owners to sell or rent their timeshare in the period of time and at the price that they desire. We generate millions of dollars of offers per month on our web site that just won a prestigious award for its design and functionality. Unfortunately, not every timeshare sells or rent at the price owners want. This is something that we regret but do not control. It is also hard for me to believe that someone could confirm in their own voice in an audiotaped verification certain things and then state the exact opposite later. You agreed that Timeshares By Owner did not have a specific buyer or renter at the time of your transactions with us, that we are not real estate brokers, and that we made no guarantee as to the amount of time it would take or the price you would receive for your timeshare. If you did not confirm all of these things, we would not have even accepted your advertising transaction. You had 7 days to cancel each transaction, a fact that was clearly explained to you. You did not do this either. How can you change this about face in your story?

  • De
      6th of Dec, 2011
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    I am writing because for one, I know exactly what CoachP has endured with a company representing themselves as able to sell a timeshare and the entire verbiage used. My father in law was drained of over $3, 000.00 by SIX different such companies; one possibly being yours! Come to find out, his property was not a timeshare at all. It was a campground, which allowed him to use approximately 200+ days out of the 365 days per year. There were no exchange vacation locations. It was merely a campground. I finally helped him get the campground themselves to have the deed transferred back to them. Now I am working with our attorney to get money refunded for the dishonest and bad business practices, as CoachP above has outlined, from companies such as yours.

    Secondly, the deed has been transferred back to the campground for over four months now. Yesterday my father in law got a call from Julius stating he was going to have to charge his credit card another $699.00 for the timeshare. Mind you, . Julius used the wrong date frame of a contract signed in 2012, which was a dead giveaway of ignorance off the bat. He was threatening to my father in law, who does not need this type of stress after enduring it for many years. Julius told him the timeshare is still in his name, which is an absolute lie. Julius mentioned my name, Debbie as someone he'd spoken to and I have no doubt he has, as I've been working on these issues for over a year. Today I called and spoke to Rebecca, who looked up my father in law by name and phone number and found no membership what so ever. She provided me your company address of 8578 Palm Parkway, Orlando FL 32836 and advised me she'd have one of the night managers; DeShawn (or Shawn) or Kenneth (Atkins I believe was his last name) call me when they come in at 4:30 to address Julius's behavior. Hopefully I will get that call soon, as it's 4:15 now. As I advised Rebecca, if no callback is received and this is not addressed, our attorney will be handling it going forward. He handles several of these per day already, so what is one more?!

    It is unfortunate there are a few "GOOD" and "HONEST" companies out that who can help consumers sell their properties, whether timeshares or not. However, due to the bad taste companies such as yours have left behind, it is difficult for those good companies to get a chance to prove their trustworthiness. I don't know how you people sleep at night!

    To CoachP: Please call The Attorney General in Florida and they will give you information on how to recover your money. I can't remember exactly and they may not be the exact entity that helps you with the complaint (you have to go online to file it), but as long as the company is still open and doing business, they will help you recover any monies paid. I was told they have a very his success rate! God Bless you! I pray you are well!

  • De
      6th of Dec, 2011
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    Excuse me for the appearance of the posting. Something happened in the process of it posting. I truly hope Timeshares By Owner does the right thing by it's members and teaches their representatives to understand the facts before calling on people who no longer own properties and worse yet; threatening them.

  • Je
      7th of Dec, 2011
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    Dear Sir/Madam:
    I am Jeffrey Frantz, the CEO of Timeshares By Owner.
    I am very sorry to hear about the transactions that CoachP has been involved with. We do not have a "Julius" working for us. Alot of timeshare resales companies have similar sounding names. If you have your paperwork, you should be able to determine who Coach P was dealing with.
    Wishing you all the best and a happy holiday.
    Sincerely, Jeffrey Frantz, CEO

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