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Universal Vacation Club International / UVC International Complaints & Reviews

Universal Vacation Club / Villa del Palmar timeshare HORROR

Apr 14, 2016

Like most people coming to Mexico we were hounded by multiple people who wanted me to watch a timeshare. We were on our honeymoon and just wanted to get to our hotel so we agreed to get it over with. We left the next day to the Flamingos location, there we were greeted by the sales team...

Universal Vacation Club / Rip off

Jan 4, 2016

I purchased a biennial timeshare from Villa Group (Villa del Arco) with a lot of promises. Bottom line: its a complete ripoff. We are unable to use the timeshare, unable to exchange, unable to do anything. Two years now and we are not able to use it -- either units aren't available...

Universal Vacation Club / additional fees

Sep 29, 2015

We have had this time share for seven years. Due to aging parents, we have been unable to use our weeks consistently for the last couple years and have put unused weeks into their bank. This year we missed the deadline, a deadline we didn't even know about, to bank our weeks free and now...

Universal Vacation Club / Illegal paperwork

Aug 28, 2012

I visited the Villa Group's Flamingos location in Nuevo Vallarta to undergo a presentation as the company claimed they had changed their product and fired all the criminal sales staff. I had done a presentation there a few years ago and was conned by a pair of lying con-men Jimmy...

Universal Vacation Club / Lies of Salseman

Feb 23, 2012

Back in 1987, while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, My wife and I encountered a salesman for UVC while looking for a tour operator. What ensued was a very slick presentation and high pressure pitch by a professional con artist. Were I as wise then as I am now I would have vacated...

Universal Vacation Club / Maintenance Fees Posting

Jun 1, 2011

I called UVC today 6/1/11 in order to deposit a week from a previous year that we had banked. I was advised that because our quarterly maintenance fee had not posted yet, I could not do anything with my account. I had proof from my bank that the payment was made but they would not accept...

Universal Vacation Club / salesperson lie's

Apr 21, 2011

In Oct 2010 we had an "update" meeting with Rod Lynch, Villa Del Palmer salesperson. We wanted to lower our maint fees and to consolidate our 2 contracts. No problem--we could consolidate our contracts and our maint fee for both would be 1688.00 a year. This little moved cost us 13000...

Universal Vacation Club / Deceptive / fraudulent sales tactics

Mar 23, 2011

Below is a letter sent to the management of The Villa Group, a letter received (USPS tracking confirmed) by the company last week (March 14, 2011). This followed an earlier email requesting our deposit back. To date, we have received no response from the Company. Despite their unsigned...

Universal Vacation Club / Scam Fraud TImeshare Promises

Mar 10, 2011

I am writing in regards to my time share contract with Resort Communications International for the Villa Del Arco property in Los Cabos Mexico. My boyfriend and I toured the property in July 2010. We were impressed with the grounds and the time share opportunity and decided to purchase. We...

Universal Vacation Club / Won't cancel contract

Jan 29, 2011

Don't get involved with this company. It is a scam and they won't let you out of your contract. I have emailed them, called them, faxed in requests to cancel my contract and I still get bills from them. I paid up my maintenenace fees last year and was told that satisfied my...

Universal Vacation Club / vacation unit availability- a breech of contract


On March 28, 2008, my two daughters and I attended a timeshare presentation for properties at Villa Del Palmar and Villa Del Arco. Robert Mabon was our sales representative. I decided to purchase a one bedroom unit after hearing about all the wonderful amenities and ease of exchange. The...

Universal Vacation Club / Rip off


Universal Vacation Club a ripoff! After paying hundreds of dollars in maintenance fees that rose every year, we are signing the timeshare over to Universal Vacation Club . We misktakenly bought a summer week in Villa Palomar several years ago. The maintenance charges are too high and not...

Universal Vacation Club / complaint resolved


"We have been members with the Villa Group for 5 years. We have the Gold Membership. We recently upgraded to their Villa Preferred Access membership and were very happy with our decision. Months later, we brought issues to the attention of the Developer's Rep which needed to be...

Universal Vacation Club / Dispute Resolved


Our family purchased inventory from the Villa Group in March of this year. There were some issues we felt needed to be addressed so we sent a letter to the Developer’s Representative in Puerto Vallarta regarding our claims. The Developer’s Representative was very responsive and...

Universal Vacation Club / Shady deals with timeshares


Dear Complaints Board, I recently purchased a timeshare at Villa del Palmar Flamingos with Gareth Jones November of 2009. I called and spoke to Daniel Sauer, Gareth's manager, to which he said that he will try to take care of the situation with no reply or response from him in over...

Universal Vacation Club / Total rip off


We spent $28, 000 on a luxury 2 bedroom unit at Villa Del Arco. Promised to be able to trade with Interval International at millions of equal luxury units all over the world. I have tried for 3 years to trade this unit with something comparable or even book at Arco, Nothing $2500 maint...

Universal Vacation Club / Stay away at all costs


In early August our family took a vacation to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. At the airport we were stopped by the “Tourist Advisors” who actually turned out to be Time Share representatives. The offered us couple of incentives to listen to the time share presentation and we...

Universal Vacation Club / LIES


Please be advised, this letter serves as documentation for a DECEPTIVE AND FRAUDULENT TIMESHARES SALES PRACTICES which we were victims of during our trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We inquired at the concierge desk about how to arrange a jungle zip line tour. We were told the hotel could...

Universal Vacation Club / Buyer beware of the villa group - uvc


We need to get the word out before more innocent people get scammed. The Villa Group and UVC are in the process of building 2 new resorts and you know what that means, they need more timeshare owners. If only they honored what they sell... that's all anyone wants, no more, no le...

Universal Vacation Club / Annual Maintenance Fees


Are any other owners, like me, at Villa del Palmar-Flamingos fed up with the annual 20% increases in maintenance fees for the last few years? Have you also been stonewalled by the operator when you requested reasonable explanations for the increases. Have you been insulted with the line...

UVC / Blatant Lies


ad my first Mexican vacation in Cabo San Lucas in April 09. Fell in love with the place, the lifestyle and the local people. Stayed at an All Inc resort, and took a tour "Taste of Los Cabos' on about the 4th day. While on the tour in downtown Cabo San Lucas, I popped by a real estate...

Universal Vacation Club / Greedy Crooks


I hope to possibly help others from my timeshare nightmare with Universal Vacation Club. My wife and I went to Puerto Vallarta Mexico in April of 2006 on our honeymoon. Once we arrived at the airport, we were invited to a presentation. My wife and I were hesitant but we agreed to go. We...

Universal Vacation Club / Terrible company


We were stopped at the Puerto Vallarta airport after we got our bags and were told these people were from Apple Vacation and they wanted to talk to us about upgrading our stay, they told us that we were Premier customers and were eligible for this upgrade. The gentleman told us we needed...

Universal Vacation Club / Misrepresentation


I paid over &15, 000.00 cash for a timeshare w/UVC at Villa Del Palmar. I was never told that the maintanence fee would go up &90-100.00 per year. I am now getting priced out of the membership. In 2005 I paid 555.00 per year and the sales person Jill THOMPSON, told me it "almost never goe...

UVC / No Availabiltity


We also purchased a 2 bedroom suite at Villa Del Arco, we love Cabo and go there a couple of times a year so we though it would be wonderful. WRONG! I have had the timeshare since 2007 and still am unable to book an actual week to use my 2 bedroom suite. I have banked my weeks for 2 year...

Universal Vacation Club / Villa del Palmar Flamingos / Deceptive Timeshare sales


DONT BUY A TIMESHARE FROM VILLA DEL PALMAR / UNIVERSAL VACATION CLUB. We own several timeshares and love to vacation in Mexico. We were at Villa del Palmar Flamingos in Nuevo Vallarta in April 2008. We were approached for the timeshare sales; we went to get the “discounts” and made it...

Universal Vacation Club / They do not honor contractual benefits


When my husband and I bought into UVC in June 2008, it was promoting an airfare guarantee of up to 5 years program through their partner Travel Escape Club. Now, UVC is not honoring the program, though we have this in writing. When I spoke with the sales manager at Villa Del Palmar Flamingo...

Universal Vacation Club / Scammers


Universal Vacation Club lied during the presentation and sweetened the deal with a Free Summer Week. Yes, they said entirely free, no maintenance fees. Turns out the other name for the Free Summer Week is a Gold Week which requires a maintenance fee. They say they never heard of a Free...

Universal Vacation Club / They screwed me


Bought time share at new hotel, have not been able to stay at new hotel for 3 years. UVC tells me only a portion (35%) of the hotel (via del arco) is open to the time share holder. oops, forgot to mention that during the sales pitch. totally poor customer service...don't stay at a...

Universal Vacation Club / Misrepresented availability of the unit we bought


We bought a unit at Los Arcos and we can never make a reservation to use our week in a 2 bedroom unit. We have two years now deposited because they never have any space. I think the developer is hogging all the two bedrooms for promotions to get new buyers. I have tried for three years now...

Universal Vacation Club / Timeshare


I have a fixed week timeshare with UVC, at the Villa Del Arco resort in Cabo San Lucas. My wife and I were scheduled to stay our week at the resort, but I had to cancel on the day we were supposed to leave. I called the hotel receptionist four days later, and found out that they had rented...

Universal Vacation Club / This company mislead me into a purchase, and then will not acknowledge the contract cancellation


I went to a sales presentation at Villa del Arco and was led to believe I was purchasing a unit at Arco. When I went back to the sales presentation place two days later and told them of my desire to cancel, they told me I could not and that I would lose my deposit. They also told me that I...