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1) I have found it virtually impossible to make reservations in any type of reasonable fahsion and timeframe. I have a number of accounts and the typical agent has little/no/incorrect ability to understand how they work - any type of "complex" transaction (borrowing, more than 7 night duration, using more than one account for a week + stay) is a time consuming and error ridden disaster. I have to hang up and call back multiple times to get the one or two agents in the call center who actually have a clue as to the system.

2) Every single year I receive erroroneous accouting bills where prior payments have mysteriously "disappeared" and I am told that they never received them and late fees apply. Are you kidding me? They seriously try to tell me year after year that when I borrowed a week, made a reservation with it and used it I was never charged. Really? Have you ever in your life received a confirmation from these people without paying for it? I have to spend hours arguing and attempting to find someone who can actually understand the issue, do an audit and (sometimes) correct the problem.

3) So we are supposed to be able to deposit our weeks with an exchange company if we wish - right? Think again. This week I was told that even though there was plenty of space for me to book 2 unused 2019 weeks late in the year, if I did so and tried to bank them with RCI they would reject it. HUH?! Yes, they only would "approve" late deposit/low trading power September weeks. How can this possibly be legal/legitimate? These are my weeks - I should be able to use or deposit them as I see fit. Of course they would be more than happy to have me pay them to bank them with UVC instead... I was so desperate that I said fine and took September reservations and deposited them with RCI - and UVC still rejected the deposits. So more time consuming arguments and phone calls to come.

4) In numerous occasions dealing with all of the above I have asked to speak to a supervisor when it is clear that the phone rep is comepletly inept and unable to even understand my issue. I am told each time that a supervisor will call me back. And they never do. Not even once...

I want to surrender these cotracts as it is virtually impossible to use them. Short of hiring a lawyer to argue the obvious (that their complete ineptitude voids the contract) is there any way to negotiate out of the exit fees? I cannot in good faith even attempt to give these things away to anyone else. I just want out.

Villa del Palmar timeshare HORROR

Like most people coming to Mexico we were hounded by multiple people who wanted me to watch a timeshare. We...

Puerto Vallarta Hotels

Rip off

I purchased a biennial timeshare from Villa Group (Villa del Arco) with a lot of promises. Bottom line: its a...

additional fees

We have had this time share for seven years. Due to aging parents, we have been unable to use our week...

Illegal paperwork

I visited the Villa Group's Flamingos location in Nuevo Vallarta to undergo a presentation as the company claimed they had changed their product and fired all the criminal sales staff. I had done a presentation there a few years ago and was conned by a pair of lying con-men Jimmy Munoz and Gareth Jones. The membership paperwork was written in a confusing, illogical fashion and when I realized I'd been lied to I tried to cancel. What a hassle. para x says contract may be rescinded while para p says no refunds. None of their paperwork was "legal" by U.S, standards and I evenutually got my money back but with a lot of hard feelings. However, it IS a nice resort and when the airport shill said that everything had changed at the property I decided to give them a second chance at my business.
First person I see at the reception was Jimmy Munoz, now a manager. I was taken to the sales room and who was in charge? Gareth Jones. Sure, the program has changed to the benefit of the Villa Group but the same crooks not only hang out there but now run the place. They still play the same fake price game then drop it under false pretences or find a "foreclosure" that has $50, 000 of equity you can buy for $25, 000 and sell it in two years for $75, 000. Absolute, total B/S. Avoid the Villa Group/Universal Vacation Club at any of their locations - Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallara, Cancun, Cabo and now Loreto as each one is run by a cartel of thieves and liars from top management down.

  • Mi
    Michael Quick Nov 30, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Gareth Jones is a liar and a thief. He pulled the same crap on us.

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Lies of Salseman

Back in 1987, while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, My wife and I encountered a salesman for UVC...

Maintenance Fees Posting

I called UVC today 6/1/11 in order to deposit a week from a previous year that we had banked. I was advised that because our quarterly maintenance fee had not posted yet, I could not do anything with my account. I had proof from my bank that the payment was made but they would not accept it and had to wait until it posted. Mind you, we were coming off a long holiday weekend and the payment due date showing online was today. It is ridiculous that I was not able to deposit a week from a prior year that I had already paid for and that I have to be at the mercy when their maintenance department gets to the payments. I was told to call back tomorrow...why so I can hold for another 1/2 hour!! This company doesn't care about their customers because it is a revolving door and once you are in it, it's hard to get out. We have not gotten our money's worth as the exchange program availability is a joke. There is never anything available even up to a year in advance!

  • Ve
    vegasjon Jun 10, 2014

    I have been unable to make a reservaion with my Gold membership for years for the dates I had available. As a non-member/owner, I can go to hotel.com and get ANY room I wanted for ANY week for $12.00 more than my annual maintenance fee. There seems to be no benefit to buy a membership or pay a maintenance fee. I would love for someone from the company to contct me to discuss.

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salesperson lie's

In Oct 2010 we had an "update" meeting with Rod Lynch, Villa Del Palmer salesperson. We wanted to lower our maint fees and to consolidate our 2 contracts. No problem--we could consolidate our contracts and our maint fee for both would be 1688.00 a year. This little moved cost us 13000. When we returned home we found out that we could not consolidate the 2 contracts and the maint fee of 1688 was for only for 1 contract. No one will return phone calls, no one will acknowledge there is a problem--I refuse to pay the maint fees that are now higher then before. I am at the point to contact our credit card company and have the money refunded. Has anyone else had this problem?e

Deceptive / fraudulent sales tactics

Below is a letter sent to the management of The Villa Group, a letter received (USPS tracking confirmed) by...

Scam Fraud TImeshare Promises

I am writing in regards to my time share contract with Resort Communications International for the Villa Del...

Won't cancel contract

Don't get involved with this company. It is a scam and they won't let you out of your contract. I have emailed them, called them, faxed in requests to cancel my contract and I still get bills from them. I paid up my maintenenace fees last year and was told that satisfied my obligation to them and now I am getting maintenenace fee bills again. I called and was told I could cancel, as long as a paid a partial maintenenace fee (for a week that hasn't even happened yet).

I have paid up yet again what they tell me I owe and supposedly that will be it.

This company is way more trouble than it is worth. If you are thinking of getting involved, DON"T!!!

vacation unit availability- a breech of contract

On March 28, 2008, my two daughters and I attended a timeshare presentation for properties at Villa Del Palmar and Villa Del Arco. Robert Mabon was our sales representative. I decided to purchase a one bedroom unit after hearing about all the wonderful amenities and ease of exchange. The following day, after a restless night, I returned to say I had made a mistake. I should not have purchased the property without the knowledge and approval of my husband who was not traveling with us. I was crying and upset and asked to have my contract revoked due to buyers remorse. Robert Mabon tried to have me reconsider. I was inconsolable and asked to be able to forfeit the miniscule amount of money that was unrefundable and be free of the constraints of the contract. Mr. Mabon brought in his supervisor and we went into an adjoining room. I was pressured me into keeping the contract but they changed it to every other year to try to ease my stress.
In their persuasive arguments, I was promised that Cabo was a highly sought after vacation spot that I would be able to exchange to vacation anywhere in the world. The process was easy and the availability high at other locations world wide. It was this reason that I allowed them to talk me into keeping the contract.

I was never explained the process of exchange. I called in May to see if I could use my week. I was told that there was NO AVAILABILITY in ALL of Europe. I tried again today, 12/16/10, to see if I could exchange my "highly sought after" week in Cabo for a week in Hawaii. I was told again, there was NO AVAILABILITY. I have owned this timeshare for over 2 years and have not been able to exchange it for any place I wish to travel. Their promise of "ease of exchange" was false.

I have done some research online only to realize that this is a common complaint. I would love to be a part of a class action suit and welcome any attorney who is gathering clientele.

I was not told at the time of purchase that Univeral Vacation Club only owns 35% of the facility and that they limit the rooms available for ownership use. Interesting how they left out that information.

If there is any information on a class action suit, please call me.

Yvette Buich

Rip off

Universal Vacation Club a ripoff!

After paying hundreds of dollars in maintenance fees that rose every year, we are signing the timeshare over to Universal Vacation Club . We misktakenly bought a summer week in Villa Palomar several years ago. The maintenance charges are too high and not worth it. We used it once in six years. Their customer services is terrible.

We hate to lose the money, we tried selling the timeshare but you know how that goes! So Universal Vacation Club gets to re-sell our timeshare and make even more money.

We have had enough of it and they made plenty of money on us.

complaint resolved

"We have been members with the Villa Group for 5 years. We have the Gold Membership. We recently upgraded to their Villa Preferred Access membership and were very happy with our decision. Months later, we brought issues to the attention of the Developer's Rep which needed to be addressed. He listened to our issues, proposed a proper solution for both parties and we still remain very happy members with the Villa Group. Despite some of the comments on this site, I believe the Villa Group will genuinely make things right given the situation...we are living proof."

Joy and Greg
Villa Group Members Since 2005

Dispute Resolved

Our family purchased inventory from the Villa Group in March of this year. There were some issues we felt needed to be addressed so we sent a letter to the Developer’s Representative in Puerto Vallarta regarding our claims. The Developer’s Representative was very responsive and handled our issues in a timely manner. Our issues were handled rightfully and the Villa Group satisfied our claim 100%. We encourage anyone with issues related to the Villa Group to contact the Developer’s Representative in Puerto Vallarta or Cabo to handle these issues.

Tim and Holly

  • De
    Developers Representative Jun 09, 2010

    Dear Members and interested parties, please be aware the number for the Developer Representative in Puerto Vallarta has changed. If you need to contact the Developer's Representative for any issues related to the Villa Group, you may now contact 619-940-1078 or 619-940-1079 (US Lines). We look forward to hearing from you.

    Developer Representative
    Puerto Vallarta Area

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  • De
    Developers Representative Jul 23, 2010

    Dear Members, as you can see, we respond to 95% of the issues that our brought to our attention. Please note we have experienced some challenges recently with our US lines as we are in the process of changing providers. The Developer Rep's Office is always available on the International number 011-52-322-224-8365 or by email at [email protected]

    Best Regards,

    Developer Representative
    Villa Group

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Shady deals with timeshares

Dear Complaints Board, I recently purchased a timeshare at Villa del Palmar Flamingos with Gareth Jone...

Total rip off

We spent $28, 000 on a luxury 2 bedroom unit at Villa Del Arco. Promised to be able to trade with Interval International at millions of equal luxury units all over the world.

I have tried for 3 years to trade this unit with something comparable or even book at Arco, Nothing

$2500 maint fees, $600 Interval fees later there is never anything available.

The only available units not even close to comparable or during unusable season.

There has to be a class action suit out there against this company. Anybody have any information

on what to do? Someone needs to stop these people.

  • Valerie Jun 26, 2008

    Trusting these scam artists was the biggest mistake of my life. They lie, cheat, and rip-off anyone they get their hands on. They show you one thing and stick you in another. They constantly try to get you for more money. I tried to bank a week. I gave them a credit card to bank it and they charged me to cancel but failed to bank the week. Now they want $280 to reinstate the week. I am having my attorney look into breach of contract and am also reporting them to the BBB. Even at high attorneys cost it is cheaper than paying these crooks.

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  • Db
    dblake66 Jan 14, 2009

    Below you will find the letters I sent to the email addresses for the owners of the Villa Group. The Villa Group is the company that builds the hotels in Mexico and should be named on your contracts. They are based out of Mexico (conveinent) but have offices at the same address as UVC and ResortCom international. UVC is just a front and only handles the timeshare portion. We all have exactly the same complaint about unethical sales practices and lack of disclosure. The Villa Group is the party we should be talking to. Urge the people who visit your site to contact the Villa Group and the owners at the following email addresses:

    [email protected] <[email protected]>

    [email protected] <[email protected]>

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  • Db
    dblake66 Feb 10, 2009

    My complaints against UVC have been resolved. Thank you UVC.

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  • De
    Developers Representative Jan 27, 2010

    Dear Member, we appreciate you speaking out about your concerns and would like to take this opportunity to respond to your claims.

    Villa Del Arco is the newest resort within the Villa Group properties. Like with any new product, Villa Del Arco happens to be the most widely requested destination within the Villa Group properties. If your frustration lies with finding availability at Villa Del Arco, it is because a large percentage of our membership base is also seeking availability at our Villa Del Arco property at popular times during the year.

    If you were to ask any of our longstanding members about this, most would agree that our newer properties will always fill up more rapidly than our older properties. For instance, in 2005, after completing our newest resort, Villa Del Palmar Flamingos, it became the most popular resort immediately following and for the first 2 years, consistently filled up more rapidly than any of our other properties.

    Currently, we are completing 2 brand new properties in Cancun and Lareto for our members to enjoy. It is certain that after the completion of these 2 resorts, these properties will then become the most popular destinations within our Villa Group properties and will also fill up more rapidly than older properties like Villa Del Arco and Flamingos.

    I hope this helps you understand the dynamic that goes along with building newer properties and hope that by explaining the companies reservation trends, it gives you a better knowledge about what properties will have higher availability levels. If you have further questions regarding this issue, please don't hesitate to contact the Developer's Representative directly at 619-683-2338 or 619-683-7882.

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  • Je
    Jeff Robbins Mar 21, 2010

    I would like to direct any readers of this posting to go to a website I just published www.universalvacationclubmembers.com and read to your heart's content. It is addressing many issues and concerns with the Villa Group (Developer) and the UVC. If you are a UVC Member and would like to add your name to my UVC Member mailing list, please contact me via the “Contact Us” page on the site or send an email to [email protected] Jeff Robbins.

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  • Ti
    Timeshare ex-worker Aug 27, 2010

    Hi, if you still have problems with UVC contact Joshua Garcia these are his e-mails [email protected] and [email protected], he is a representative from UVC and claims to represent the board of directors, don´t stop and keep fighting for your money.

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Stay away at all costs

In early August our family took a vacation to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. At the airport we were stopped by the “Tourist Advisors” who actually turned out to be Time Share representatives. The offered us couple of incentives to listen to the time share presentation and we accepted (Our First mistake)

During the Time Share Presentation at Vila Del Palmar they introduced a person called Gareth and said that he is a representative of Continental-connections and he will sell our existing time share guaranteed for $35, 000. Also they told us that it will be two different transactions. For the first transaction they told us we should sign a paper work stating that we are buying the time share with no expectation of resale of the original time share and they will send us another paper work for resale through mail. THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN OUR CLUE TO WALK AWAY.

When we got home we did get the paper work for the resale but it asked for more money and had no mention of a guaranteed sale. The Continental-Connection representative told us that Gareth is actually the employee of the resort and not their employee and hence they can not do anything

We tried to contact the sales person but he never responded. However his boss called and said that the sales person should not have made that promise and he will investigate. However he never got back to us.

I have documented all of this at http://www.villagroupresorts.org

and am hoping that people will read he infor before they get to the resort.

  • De
    Developers Representative Nov 23, 2009

    Dear Member, we recognize that you currently have an issue related to the Villa Group. We take every one of our member´s issues seriously and would like to hear more from you. We encourage you to contact the Developer´s Representative Office in Mexico at 619-683-2338 to help address any concerns you may have.

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  • De
    Developers Representative Feb 22, 2010

    This issue was resolved to the Member's satisfaction as of January 2010. If further issues remain, please contact the Developer's Representative at the listed number above.

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Please be advised, this letter serves as documentation for a DECEPTIVE AND FRAUDULENT TIMESHARES SALES PRACTICES which we were victims of during our trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

We inquired at the concierge desk about how to arrange a jungle zip line tour. We were told the hotel could arrange a “FREE” jungle tour if we agreed to meet a salesperson for a “FREE BREAKFAST”. We explained we were not interested in Timeshares, the concierge insisted that the best way to enjoy a zip line was to first to listen a Timeshare Seminar.

The next morning met a sales representative, Abe Gardner. He was promising many, many specials deals that we were inaccurate and very misleading. We tried to walk away from the discussion with Abe several times, but he insisted to stay and hear the special deals he was able to offer us as “GOLD MEMBERS OF UNIVERSAL VACATION CLUB”.

These “special” offers made by the salesman on behalf of UVC turned out to be MISLEADING, DECEPTIVE AND FRAUDULENT LIES SUCH AS:

1.-As Gold Members we could receive a special offer getting LOW COST AIRFARE RATES.
UVC gave us a lot of excuses why were could not lock in this travel such as their “SYSTEMS WERE DOWN AND WE NEEDED TO CALL BACK”.

2.-As Gold Member we would get 2 weeks for the price of one.
We were told we would need to notify UVC 14 months in advance of our desire to rent the 1st week and it was not guaranteed.

3.-We were told this was a good investment which could be sold if we ever desired to do such.
When we were unable to rent the 1st week, we looked into selling out timeshare, but we found there was essentially no market for the sale of such a unit without taking a loss of more than 90% on the sale.

My family really enjoyed the city of PV and we would really like to keep taking trips to Mexico in the future, we also would like to recommend Mexico as a vacation destination to our friends and extended family. However, we feel betrayed and mislead by our bad experience at the VILLA DEL PALMAR AND WITH UVC.

Big J. http://villapalmarfraud.blogspot.com/

  • Bi
    BigJ2 Jul 28, 2009

    My concerns have been clarified and my situation with UVC have been resolved to my satisfaction.

    Big J.

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  • Je
    Jeff Robbins Mar 21, 2010

    Hello Big J,
    I find it very interesting that your concerns were clarified and your situation had been resolved to your satisfaction. That is exactly the same follow upresponse I saw from the who was unhappy with the Developer and the Club.

    Just this month, (3/2010), I published a website www.universalvacationclubmembers.com which addresses many issues and concerns. Please review and add your name to my UVC Member mailing list. Either contact me via the "Contact Us" page on the site or send an email to [email protected]

    I am gathering all information possible about the organizations and your input would be highly appreciated.

    Jeff Robbins 303-567-0690

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Buyer beware of the villa group - uvc

We need to get the word out before more innocent people get scammed. The Villa Group and UVC are in the...

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