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Time Warner Cable / they're spreading cockroaches

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On Tuesday, April 15, 2008 a Time Warner representative came to our home to install the digital telephone modem which would also provide our internet service.

My husband observed an insect walking on the modem box and asked what it was and the employee seemed dazed and confused.

After the installer left, my husband and I saw cockroach after cockroach emerge from the modem. We killed them as quickly as we could.

We have never seen roaches in our house before. Our house is free-standing and many yards away from neighbour homes.

I called Time Warner insisting that they come to remove the modem. The woman I spoke with insisted that I had to be wrong and that it was impossible for cockroaches to be in the modem. She refused my request that Time Warner come on the following day to remove and replace the offending modem, which housed a swarm of roaches.

We wrapped the modem up in plastic and duct tape.

On Saturday, April 19, 2008 when the representative came to replace the modem, we had arranged for a witness to be with us.

We took the modem to the front porch, removed the plastic bag, and a number of cockroach bodies fell out. The Time Warner worker agreed that modems sometimes came from other people’s homes and were reused. He suggested that the modem may have first been used in a contaminated home or that it was possible that the first installer may have had cockroaches in his truck.

In the meantime, cockroaches of all sizes and ages are in our home study. We try to kill them as we can. We would not have had this infestation were it not for the Time Warner modem.

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  • Ma
      1st of Aug, 2008
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    This is so freaking funnny as hell.

    Yeah TWC gets the bad wrap but what folks fail to realize is it is not easy to serve a city like say the size of San Antonio Texas with a million and a half people. I realize this is their job but anyone has to admit it wouldnt be an easy task to please all one million plus customers.

    I have had time warner, direct tv and Att Uverse and I can honestly tell anyone the best was Direct Tv except they do not offer a good internet that is affordable. ATT is pretty good but their internet is more rliable but not as fast as TWC at all.

    TWC without a doubt has the fastest internet at least in San Antonio Texas. They do have service issues but so does ATT especial ISP services the fact is the internet goes down sometimes and I know it makes all us so darn mad but it happens.

    The one true complaint that I would have with TWC is the channel line up is so scattered out. I really miss Direct TV and Uverse for the ease in finding channels because they group like channels togehter so nicely especially Direct TV or Dish

    As for the roaches, lol, oh well hey it happens when you have that many customers you have to reuse equipment to stay in business and make a profit. And in all fairness TWC and all companies do hire contractors there is no way to monitor where a modem has been. And OF COURSE it could have roaches in it, just as something you purchase from a garage sale or even store could have. That is why they have a service called exterminating pest control.

    TWC is a very large company so yes they get lots of complaints of course. I like to compare to the old Linux verses Windows freaks.
    What these Linux freaks fail to realize: OF course Linux doesnt get hacked or as many viruses as windows what Hacker in his right mind would want to hack an operating system that has 100 people using it compared to millions using Windows

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