Tim Hortonsservice

I always go to Tim Horton's and have never been treated so rudely as I was today at the MT Read BLVD location in Rochester, NY. I walked in at 5:02 pm and asked the woman behind the counter if it was too late to order a breakfast sandwich. She was standing near the bagels and no one was at the register. She was snotty and said it is past 5 no more breakfast sandwiches. (the floor back there was filthy) she never came over to take my order. Then a man came out of the back room and said sorry for the wait and I ordered a coffee and pretzel bagel. Now no one was in the store accept me and I ordered it to go. She yells out the order and throws it up on the counter way down by where she was standing. Looked like someone was attempting to clean the restaurant area so the tables were out of order and I couldn't get over to that side to pick up my bagel. (plus I am disabled with a brace on my leg) I had to ask her to bring it over and she didn't come over to the counter but reached out and made me come get it from her. She had a very bad attitude. Not friendly in the least. Never experienced such rudeness at a Tim Horton's before. Then I asked for a sleeve for my coffee and she looked over the counter and said oh must be out of them there is none out there. Then the man who took care of me went over to the drive thru window and got one for me. Horrible experience.

Jan 13, 2017

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