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Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is Ronald Pinto and I'm an Indian citizen working as a chef. Couple of weeks ago I was looking for a job and received a job offer at your company from an online job portal trough the Rochon Genova llp barristers. I wanted to confirm if this is a genuine job offer sent from your company. Please find the attached files below.

Warm regards
Ronald Pinto

May 16, 2017
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  •   May 16, 2017

    First off, you should have contacted Tim Horton's HR department directly. I don't think posting your personal documents on an international complaint forum is a good idea!!! Second, if this job is in Canada, why does one of the documents say you will be paid in U.S. dollars? Remove the attachments, if you can. If not, contact the Pissedconsumer site admins and request they remove your personal documents. Second, as I suggested, contact Tim Horton's HR department directly.

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  •   May 16, 2017

    Ok, I just read the other documents. It is painfully obvious this is a scam. Tim Hortons is basically fastfood. They are not going to pay $26.80 Canadian dollars (almost $20 American dollars equivalent) Baristas do not earn that type of pay! In fact, I checked glassdoor to look at salaries and the average for a team member/baristas pay at Tim Hortons is about 11 Canadian dollars. Even the store manager does not earn 26.80 Canadian dollars per hour. Not even close! And then one of the papers talks about you being the "family house manager". That doesn't even make sense!

    There is some catch to this scam. Barristers (attorneys) would not be making job offers to people hired to make and serve coffee in a fastfood setting. That doesn't make any sense. Mark my words, you will be asked for money and/o be scammed in some other way. Tear up this so-called job offer and be more careful. Educate yourself on employment scams. There is a wealth of information on the internet regarding that subject.

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  • Ab
      Jun 22, 2019

    Dear sr / man
    Good morning.I received offer letter from this mail address this fake or what ?
    Please let me know.thank you.

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