Tim Hortons / poor customer service, incorrect order, poor complaint resolution

Nanaimo, BC, Canada
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May 3, 2017 I visited the drive through at the Brooks Landing in Nanaimo BC, I was ordering a Boston cream donut and a coffee with cream. The order person could not clearly hear my order asking several times what I wanted.
They did not have the Boston cream in stock, nor my second choice the maple cream donut. I asked what they had and she mentioned nothing like the kind I wanted and was impatient while I tried to decide.
So I ordered a Nutella donut.
When I went to pay the server was impatient shoving the donut in my hand before I even put my debit card back into my wallet and screamed next order to the next car.
When I got back to my office I discovered I had a strange kind of jelly donut not even close to a Nutella and it had sweater fuzz all over it.

I called to discuss the issue with the site manager and was deferred by the staff person saying she was busy and was told to call back at a later time and when I suggested I would prefer to wait they said she was busy so I said I was an angry customer and that I would prefer not to wait and she came to the phone.
I explained my concern and the manager (her name was Laura) said I could get a free coffee and donut on my next visit. Her excuse was the service time determined by the company was a ridiculous 20 seconds.
In my opinion bad service is inexcusable and if a company chooses to put a ridiculous service standard onto employees that I would prefer not to patronize the establishment. If I want to go spend my wages on a coffee and donut I do not to feel like I am being pushed out the door and my money grabbed for what I did not order to find it has hair on it. No matter the compensation in future.

May 3, 2017

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