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Tim Horton’s / over charging

1 Toronto Ontario, 1500 O'Conner drive, Canada
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1500 O'Conner is where a Tim Horton's resides. For atleast 1-2 years they have been over changing me by 60 cents. I didn't really catch on until recently. I had a few other Tim Horton's sign the receipts to show the manager at 1500 but she said that 1500 charges different then other Tim's???? So today I decided to record them. I ordered my usual large iced coffee and surprisingly they charged my correctly. I'm guessing one of the other managers had tipped her off. That's fine though because recording her ‘ trying ‘ to explain why I was over charged for so long is almost unbelievable. This was first time I could see how nervous she was as it felt great. She (Sylvia the manager and alfreada the assistant manager and rayha another worker are pure scamming bullies !!! ) and It felt real good To finally get a bit of justice. The real justice would be paying me back all the cash that's been taken from me. I am on a strict budget so those extra coins count!

  • Updated by Sherrage, Mar 05, 2018

    Yesterday, the 4th of February, 2018 I finally decided to record the bull_ that goes on at the 1500 O'Conner street Toronto Ontario. Tim Horton's. The manager, assistant manager and one other older worker have been over charging me by 60 cents/ drink for about year and a half. I rounded up receipts and manager signatures from other Tim Horton's to show the ‘bullies' at 1500 that they were wrong this entire time. The head manager Vivian talked in circles, couldn't give me a straight answer and also said that she had just learned THAT DAY that I went in on (the 4th) that the proper amount to charge!!! (unbelievable lies) What I want to know where did all my money go over this almost 2 year period?? Did she take it? Did head management take it? Or did the 3 worker start a ‘ Lets see how much we can rip off the costumers jar'!!!???

Mar 4, 2018

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