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NS, Canada Review updated:

I work at tim hortons, and its really hot in the summer due to the coffee machines, we have asked for "something" to help cool us off and we were denied.
We asked for:
A Fan (even a small one)
The AC to be corrected (its never worked)
even our own little personal fans.

All 3 were denied, because the manager said it would decrease the temperature in tim hortons coffee. Obviously, tim hortons doesnt give a [censored] about thier employees. I remember working there 3 years ago - they had a woman in drive thru with me doing window.. she was 7 mnths preg and she ended up fainting ON ME, because it was so damn hot.

The only window we have in the store is the drive thru window, and half the time there is no wind coming through,

The AC will not put the temperature down THAT MUCH and I dont see why we are not allowed to have a fan since its only recirculating hot air anywyas..

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  • In
      Jul 25, 2011

    Don’t worry, you guys have universal healthcare if you faint it will not cost anything to get treated.

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  • Ly
      Jun 13, 2012

    fans are not aloud because they blow around dirt and dust that can get into food and coffee
    . it only feels like you are melting because you are working so damn hard.

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