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Date: 11/09/2016 at 9:30
I have bought my coffee as usual through the drive through in the morning but wanted to see if the creamer was right. I opened the cap on the coffee and to my surprise a little object was in my coffee. I looked closely and it was plastic of some kind. I went back to the store and waited about thirty minutes since it tends to get busy in the morning and demanded to talk to the manager (Justina Spidey). I calmly asked her to open the cap on my coffee and she confirmed what I had seen, a weird plastic. She apologized and showed the person in the back who I assume had prepared it. She came back offering me a free coffee for my next visit. Not enough!!
What if I opened the cap and decided to take fast fuller sips, I could have choked on that piece! What kind of clean place is this? I demand a health inspection on that place, particularly, the kitchen. In addition, some kind of health training to the employees so they can be extra careful. That should enhance your business and hopefully save lives.

Tim Hortons

Nov 09, 2016
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  •   Nov 09, 2016

    It looks like part of a plastic bag, like the ones the cups and lids come in. No business is perfect.

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