Tim Hortons / discrimination

I was fired from my job, because of a work injury. Which the manager failed to report to workers compensation. I went to 3 doctors and each time informed my manager to which she replied if" I can not do my job someone else could". I worked with my injury causing it to become worse. I finally go and see another doctor was told I tore my rotor cuff. Told my manager who got extremely mad and said I would not get compensation for my injury.

Next day I came to work and was fired and the reason I was fired...they had no reason??? And I just found out today I will not get workers compensation to help with physiotherapy, because the manager did not report my accident at work...and I have been out of work for 2 months because of this injury... how can I work??? I became a liability and as the manger said " I was replaceable"

Mar 12, 2017

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