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I am a long time customer of Tim Hortons in victoria BC. Iam also an R.N. have been for 32yrs. Today I am very disappointed in the staff of the Tims I unfortunately chose to spend my hard earned money at. I was feeling fine when I left work and drove here, as I entered the establishment I had a stomach issue. I went straight to the washroom, deciding to use the single private one instead of stalls. Not one customer knocked or attempted to open the door, I knew I wasn't holding anyone up. Plus there is the stalls in other bathroom. Then a male staff was washing the floors he was banging the doors which is how I knew he was mopping. I could hear him talking and laughing. I had been on the toilet for about 15min. He yells out to me " Hey you ok in there?"" Yes thank you", I replied. " Are you finished what your doing?"
" No, my stomach is sick "
" Oh, well there's a clinic close. Maybe you should go there ."
"Thanks and I'm sorry for taking so long. I don't need to go to a clinic."
" Look I'm trying to be nice, you need to get out of here!!"
"Pardon me?!? I'm on the toilet I am unable to get up right now."
"This time I'm being nice, you need to GET OUT !!"
I am embarrassed to begin with, then to be treated like that ...I'm mortified!!
I'm dressed in clean jeans, t-shirt and coat. I drive a brand new 2016 Kia Rio car. I work 12hr shifts caring for very sick and injured people from all walks of life. I have never and would never treat anyone like that. The comment, I'm being nice...What does that mean?
What is a younger male who is over 6feet and out weighs me going to do to me if I didn't get off the toilet? I felt threatened and intimidated and a little scared that he was going to get keys and come into the washroom.
He does not have a name tag on, iam at the Tims at Saanich Plaza Victoria B.C.
I will be putting in a complaint with the BBB stating exactly what happened, and how it made me feel as a woman alone in a single private washroom.
It's very sad that a person can not use your washroom in the manner it was intended without being harassed, threatened and made to feel scared.
To point out this happened at 11:00a.m. Yes 11:00 in the morning!!!
I expect a reply of what happened with this employee, and that some action against said person took place. I will ask for his name. He is approx. 20-25yrs old, wears a facial hair in a thick chin strap fashion, is the only employee without a name tag on. I'm pointing at him as he was mopping when I was able to exit the washroom, which was pretty fast even though I was still feeling sick. I purchased a peppermint tea, and sat down to write this.
My email is [protected]

Mar 14, 2017

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