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Tim Hortons / rude/careless

1 United States Review updated:

I would like to report a very rude and careless tim hortons franchisee or owner by the name of mark walsh. He owns and operates around 4 tim hortons stores in the heart of toronto which is downtown toronto. His franchise business which operates these 4 tim hortons stores is called m. F. W. Limited.

On thursday, november 19, 2009 at one of his locations which is on 175 bloor street east, toronto, ontario canada, m4w 3r8 [protected]; he had unlawfully insulted and harassed one of my friends who was working over there. My friend was an employee of mark walsh and was about to negotiate his contract with mark walsh on his last day as a baker when all of a sudden mark walsh had unlawfully blurted these words to my friend: "no! You are not working here no more, now get out! And for collecting your record of employment, I bet that you collected those records a lot before because you have a lack of work!". My friend was then surprised to hear what came out of mark walsh's mouth but he then felt sorry for mark walsh because he probably had thought that mark walsh was angry about something else so my friend then proceeded to offer a "farewell handshake" to mark walsh but then mark walsh stubbornly had refused the shake and had angrily told my friend to "leave immediately" and had ridiculously escorted my friend outside the kitchen area. As soon as my friend had texted this incident to me while sitting down in dining area, mark walsh then proceeded to unlawfully harass my friend by telling him to "leave the store" and that he is "not wanted here no more!". My friend then got angry at mark walsh and said that his business was ridiculous, mark walsh then replied "you have a nice day!" in a sarcastic tone and as soon as I came over there to pick up my friend from that store, mark walsh then proceeded to waive his hand in a "sweeping motion" sarcastic way to me and my friend and smiled maliciously at the both of us in a sarcastic way.

I would like to say to tim hortons corporation that mark walsh and his unorthodox business practices should be reviewed and examined because what he had done to me and my friend was very unlawful and unjust. Tim hortons has a 20 minute waiting policy, and that policy is waived if you purchase something. The main reason why my friend was sitting there was because he was waiting for me to pick him up and I was going to buy coffee from mark walsh's establishment, but after what he told to my friend, and purposely kicking him out of his store, and maliciously smiling at me, I will not go to any of his establishments ever again!

Mark walsh also owns 3 other establishments in toronto. They are on the intersections of:

1) yonge and davisville: 1910 yonge street, toronto, ontario m4s 1z3 [protected]

2) bloor and sherbourne: 419 bloor street east, toronto, ontario m4w 1h7 [protected]

3) yonge and st. Clair: 1521 yonge street, toronto, ontario m4t 1z2 [protected]

Please avoid buying anything from all 4 of his locations as he is careless and unprofessional in operating a tim hortons franchise and head office should look into this matter.

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  • No
      23rd of Jan, 2011
    -1 Votes

    A reply to the complaints board member by the name of "*Brenda*":

    I noticed that you live in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA which is CONSTITUTIONALY, POLITICALLY and LEGALLY different than "Adam"s HOME COUNTRY called CANADA!

    You can not simply tell "Adam" that is NOT ILLEGAL for him to be kicked out of Tim Hortons without some PROOF!

    According to SECTION 2 SUBSECTION 2 (2. (2)) of the ONTARIO TRESPASS TO PROPERTY ACT, it reads as follows: "It is a defence to a charge under subsection (1) in respect of premises that is land that the person charged reasonably believed that he or she had title to or an interest in the land that entitled him or her to do the act complained of."

    This means that "Adam"s friend had in fact INTEREST IN THE PROPERTY by waiting for "Adam" . Therefore what this Mark Walsh did was not polite and not consumer friendly. Therefore, "Adam" has every right to complain of this unfriendly and cold Tim Hortons franchisee by the name of Mark Walsh.

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      23rd of Jan, 2011
    -1 Votes

    A message to the member of complaints board member by the name of *Brenda*:

    What does "NFP" stand for? And once again I would like to repeat that you DO NOT LIVE IN CANADA therefore the laws differ in Canada from the U.S. It clearly states that in the PROVINCIAL TRESPASS TO PROPERTY ACT!

    Just because you are American doesn't mean that NOT ALL of your laws apply here in Canada. Go and read the Ontario Trespass to Property act. "Adam"s friend clearly had nothing illegal to do inside Mark Walsh's establishment and further more it clearly is NOT MARK WALSH'S property but rather Tim Hortons. Therefore, "Adam" could file a complaint along with his friend to Tim Hortons head office and the Human Rights Board of Ontario. Go and ask any lawyer who KNOWS CANADIAN LAW and he will prove that you are wrong and what Mark Walsh did was UNETHICAL and NOT CONSUMER FRIENDLY which in fact is DISCRIMINATION.

    Why do you seem to care about this issue? Are you Mark Walsh's representative or something? Cause if you are, then you are totally wrong and "Adam" and his friend could file a complaint against Mark Walsh for human rights violations and discrimination. That guy clearly didn't do nothing wrong and was simply waiting for his friend "Adam".

  • Un
      24th of Jan, 2011
    -1 Votes

    A reply to the complaints board member by the name of "*Brenda*":

    How do you know that both of these individuals did not file a case against each other? Maybe they did. God knows what happened to "Adam" and his friend or Mark Walsh. Either way I support "Adam" and his complaint against this rude and unethically professional individual by the name of Mark Walsh. In the food industry, whether you are the owner or franchisee (technically an employee under that certain corporation which sold the franchise) you STILL have to be SMART, NEGOTIABLE and FRIENDLY with BOTH your employees and consumers. This is NOT RIGHT what Mark Walsh did to his ex-employee and his friend "Adam". That right there constitutes TERRIBLE and UNFRIENDLY CUSTOMER SERVICE!

    *Brenda* you must learn to deal with both sides and not to be STUBBORN and CLOSE-MINDED! If you do not believe what Adam is saying, then how come this Mark Walsh guy did not GIVE his full side of the story by replying on here?

    That just proves what Mark Walsh did was WRONG and UNETHICAL!
    If you are Mark Walsh's attorney or a friend, then you must RE-EDUCATE yourself and study the ONTARIO TRESPASS TO PROPERTY ACT properly. If "Adam"s friend refused to leave and the police were called in, then they would treat it as nuisance and negotiate with both sides. However it will affect Mark Walsh's image and reputation. So in this case, Mark Walsh and yourself lost this war.

    I mean come on, why would somebody get arrested for WAITING FOR HIS friend in a TIM HORTONS SHOP? Does that make sense? Sounds COMPLETELY FASCIST to me in a HIGHLY DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY called Canada.

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      25th of Jan, 2011
    -2 Votes

    A reply to the complaintsboard member *Brenda*:

    you seem awfully agitated about "Adam" and his friend posting a complaint up. Tell me, are YOU Mark Walsh? You didn't answer my question before. Are you his representative or something? Judging by the FOUL LANGUAGE that you use and your ignorance of the CANADIAN LEGAL SYSTEM, I guess you are not! You are just an ignorant, stubborn lady who can't tell the difference between right and wrong. I feel sorry for your family and children *Brenda*


    Check the Canadian legal system *Brenda*. What Mark Walsh did to "Adam" and his so called "lover" was UNCALLED FOR and UNETHICAL!

    Check "Adam"s complaint again Brenda, he clearly stated that his "lover" was an EMPLOYEE OF MARK WALSH therefore they both had interest in the property. Furthermore, Tim Hortons is NOT a MOM AND POP BUSINESS, it is a FRANCHISE offered by TIM HORTONS. Therefore Mark Walsh, Adam and his friend are ALL EMPLOYEES OF TIM HORTONS! So the people who should have the final decision about this matter would be Tim Hortons and not ignorant and stubborn people like you *Brenda*.

    Speaking of Mark Walsh *Brenda*, How do you know that he and Adam are not in a court case? There are THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of people by the name of "Mark Walsh" and THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of people by the name of "Adam". You are just an ignorant and stubborn lady who can't accept the facts that the employees and consumers should be treated with respect and etiquette.

  • Un
      25th of Jan, 2011
    -1 Votes

    Oh my god how more ignorant and stubborn can you become *Brenda*? When did I insult you?

    In fact you implied that Adam and his friend were homosexuals because you allegedly claimed Adam's friend as a "lover". Once again *Brenda* I ask of you to PROVE how Canadian law is NOT DIFFERENT from American law and WHERE in the CRIMINAL CODE OF CANADA or the ONTARIO TRESPASS TO PROPERTY ACT does it say that Adam and his friend were breaking a law which therefore OBLIGATED Mark Walsh to kick them both out? Further more Mark Walsh was in fact MOCKING Adam and his friend by using INSULTING LANGUAGE. Therefore this makes Mark Walsh even more UN-FRIENDLY and NOT PROFESSIONAL business-wise!

    What do you think Tim Hortons head office would say about this? You think that they would just let this issue go? Further more there are THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of people reading this complaint and our constant BICKERING OVER THE VALIDITY OF THIS COMPLAINT. If Tim Hortons allowed this to happen to all of their franchises, then they would go BANKRUPT BY NOW and leave the rest of the CANADIAN COFFEE MARKET open to STARBUCKS and COFFEE TIME!

    You are highly STUBBORN and IGNORANT *Brenda*, You have to THINK like a BUSINESSWOMAN and TREAT EVERYONE (And I mean EVERYONE that is in your store FAIRLY and EQUALLY) What Mark Walsh did had NOT ONLY CONSTITUTED A VIOLATION of the Tim Hortons FRANCHISE AGREEMENT, but the HUMAN RIGHTS LAW and LABOUR CODE as well.

    When you are operating a FRANCHISE, you can NOT discriminate ANY EMPLOYEE or CUSTOMER AT ALL. You have to negotiate the situation with them and if the EMPLOYEE or CUSTOMER turn out violent, then the franchisee has no choice but to call in the police if the SITUATION TURNS VIOLENT, which in this case WAS NOT!

    If this was a regular MOM AND POP SHOP BUSINESS, then Mark Walsh COULD get away with it, but in a FRANCHISE OPERATION...NO WAY!

    Mark Walsh DESERVES to have a lawsuit against him for what he unethically and unprofessionally did to Adam and his friend.

    Adam, if you are reading this comment, I WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK in your CONTINUED FIGHT against this IGNORANT and UNPROFESSIONAL Mark Walsh. And DO NOT bother listening to *Brenda*, she is nothing but STUBBORN and a MISANTHROPIC woman. Heck, she isn't even CANADIAN!


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      26th of Jan, 2011
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    A reply to English Ian and *Brenda*:

    So now I have to deal with an Englishman? You both seem to get quite angry over Adam's complaint. Tell me do you both know Adam personally? Cause it seems that you are attacking him for no apprent reason. You and *Brenda* are both close-minded and ignorant whom are nothing but SHEEPLE to this world. So you enjoy getting walked over on then?

    So if you guys want to attack Adam then I guess its okay for me to point a shotgun to your head and tell you to leave my store then? I guess this fits both you and *Brenda's* aptitudes personally.

    You and *Brenda* are really leeches to society.

    Tsk..Tsk I wonder how you guys treat your children and family members like this. I guess if they were in trouble and encountered a situation like this YOU WOULD NOT EVEN LIFT A FINGER TO HELP THEM! YOU BOTH ARE SCARED!

  • Ju
      9th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    sory i donwt want complaint anything, i just want to know how i can get franchise ti horton's?, and i hear from people isn'it easy to get franchise tim horton's if i already know about timmy's at least i am already working in tim horton's

  • St
      2nd of Jan, 2012
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    i live in kingston ont canada and i spend alot at tim hortons im getting sick ov paying good money for crap donuts thier stail and unfresh i have heard that tim hortons is not making thier donuts a the place anymore thier bring them in frozzen i think tims should start making thier donuts fresh again before custermers go some were els

  • Gr
      23rd of Apr, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Stephen 45 your grammar is horrible. You sound like trailer trash. And what do you expect Tim Horton's isn't exactly high class. Their coffee is hardly coffee and everything on their menu tastes like ###. Cheap prices make for cheap, inedible crap.

  • Ya
      9th of Nov, 2012
    -1 Votes

    Haha. Well, I don't know Brenda or Adam...but I do know Mark Walsh. And he is a ### with sarcasm oozing our of every hole. We almost came to the point of fist fighting right inside a Tim Horton's location (none of the locations mentioned above. This was actually in Mississauga more than 12 years ago.) I was actually googling his wife's name (who was a friend of mine - at the time ..and came across this post.

    Funny how ### bites you in the ### even years after the fact. Karma sucks.

  • Se
      17th of May, 2016
    0 Votes

    Tim Horton's in Oromocto, NB on Restigouche road. I purchased a large and extra large at the drive thru. As soon as I pulled onto the road I noticed the cup holder filling up with coffee. I pick it up to see and it completely pored all over my hand and legs. It was so painful and my hand and inside leg are burning. This is unacceptable. They made me fill out a accident report. What should I do. My seat and truck have coffee in places I cant even reach and the truck is brand new.

  • Wi
      17th of May, 2016
    -2 Votes

    Be more careful when driving with hot coffee.

  • Se
      17th of May, 2016
    0 Votes

    The bottom of the cup let go about 2 minutes after bought it you idiot. I didn't spill it. The whole coffee came out the bottom that broke.

  • Es
      17th of May, 2016
    +2 Votes

    Why is this a Tim Horton's issue? You shouldn't be inspecting a cup of coffee while driving.

  • Se
      17th of May, 2016
    -2 Votes

    I was checking it because it was filling up in the cup holder.

  • T2
      15th of Jun, 2018
    0 Votes

    I found customer service employee rude, racist, bigoted no class did not care about quality of service towards me and I think that all of these employee need to go through somekind of sensitivity training or anit= racism training towards visible minorities or fie all of them because they have no business dealing with the general public especially visible minorities or through them in jail if they have committed a crime.

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