Tim Hortons / bad customer service

St hubert, Canada

Bought on oct 21 2018, around 8:50pm at 5525 Ave Auteuil. Returned back asking the cashier if she would eat this dry lemon bread, well she would, then says to another staff she thinks it's dry, like mocking how I felt about this lemon bread. I asked her for it back cause I wanted to take it out of the bag to show it. When she finally gave it back the lemon bread was crumbed so I took out a piece and placed it infront of her. I said tell me it's not dry. She picked it up and crumpled it right in front of me. Would not stop swearing, I asked for a refund and she threw it at the front of the cash. I told her that this is not how you deal with the public, she replied she doesn't care and told me she doesn't care if I come back. And more swear words. When I asked for the manager and her name She wrote it on a piece a paper, I didn't notice the 2 names and when I asked her she grabbed it shoving it in my face, see it's there can't you read. I then told her that you shouldn't be acting like this to a me as the client and she says to clients like you yes I do. My daughter had said to me I guess this is just a job to her. And the girl actually heard us and yelled across to my daughter saying do you actually work.. The other staff member was very quite and we thanked her, but we were being mocked my the staff that had served us, repeating what we're saying. We are a big customer of the 2 Tim Horton near our home, when we go through drive thru some of the staffs know our order before us completing it. Now that must say to you how much we buy Tim Horton coffee ( at least 2-3 times daily) I wish to speak to someone about this matter. Staff name was either Antonia, or Danielle.

Oct 21, 2018

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