Thuli Tabudi / damaged bag

Pinetown, ZA

On the 20th october 2016 I left durban to go to paris on flights ek776 and ek73. When I arrived in paris I went to collect my bag. When trying to then pull it once i'd taken it off the carousel, the wheel would not move. On inspection, I discovered that the one wheel had been badly damaged and thus resulting in me not being able to pull the bag. On inspection, I discovered that the wheel had been damaged clearly from either the bag being thrown around, another heavy bag being be roughly thrown at it or it getting stuck somewhere. I then had to get a trolley as I could no longer pull my bag. This bag is really new as I bought it two years ago (A set of 3) and this one being the biggest is only used for overseas travel which I do once per year. I only took it to thailand and hungary last year and this year then to paris. When I bought this bag I prepared to spend a bit of money on quality (As can be seen from the attached photos). When I leave my bag in the hands of emirates, it is with an expectation that it would be handled with care which clearly did not happen in this instance. I am not in a financial position to purchase another one, and hence I decided to raise this with your company.

Thuli Tabudi
Thuli Tabudi

Nov 03, 2016

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