Thrifty Car Rentals / being billed for extra insurance that I didn't request or wasn't ask if I wanted it.

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I booked my rental car through Holiday and pre paid in full.
When I arrived to pick up my rental I said it's all been pre paid nothing more to pay. The only extra thing that was mentioned to me from the sales person at the counter was bring it back empty with fuel as it's cheaper when you do this. This was the only extra thing I agreed to which I shouldn't have. As it wasn't cheaper at all another false statement from the counter sales person as it cost me an extra $20 to do this than if I filled it up myself as I had to fill it up while travelling and it took 15 gallons and at Los Angeles at the time fuel was only $3/gal.
I noticed on my bank statement that my credit card had been charged for extra money that I didn't agree to. When I rang customer enquiries they informed me it was for extra personal insurance, roadside assist and person effects. Which I do not need as I have my own travel insurance, I have my own AAA membership and I do not carry anything of value with me to be covered on my travels we are frequent travellers to the USA and we know what insurances we need this is why I pre paid for my rental if I need this extra insurance we would have added it with the pre payment. As it was all pre paid to make it quicker to get through at the time of picking up the rental as we have just travelled 13hours. I'm sure that the sales person on the counter pray on the weary traveller either on purpose as you just want to get out of there or made a mistake with the paperwork that I was signing as all I was aware of that I was signing for was to return the car empty with fuel. And you can check the video frottage at the counter and there is no mention of him selling extra insurance that I didn't need or me asking for extra insurance that I didn't need. I feel that I have been taken advantage off as we asked what I was signing and he said just for returning the rental empty with fuel. We have never had this happen to us with any rental company of the past several years. We would love for Trifty Car Rental to see the error which has occurred and refund my credit card of the extra charges for insurances that I didn't need.
I'm requesting a refund.

Jun 21, 2017
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  • Da
      Jul 26, 2017

    This is exactly the same [censored] happened to me - at the same location.
    Have you had a response - I'm in the UK and cant get hold of anyone by phone so have submitted anemail but not even sure if it the the correct email address

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