Thousand Trails / I am complaining about the manager in the medina lake rv resort in lakehills texas

This manager Patty is unprofessional I went in to buy a membership and I was told the member specialist was either out to lunch or put that day so I was told to come back but I wanted a membership ASAP so I asked to talk with manager first of The manager patty didn't want to talk to me and when she finally gave in she took me in her office and told me if I wanted a membership I should call the number or go to a different park to get it from someone else she said that the member specialist at that park sucked at his Job in those words I believe that specialist name was mike Powell as posted in office. Why would a manager be bashing her employees so before I left I asked the ranger if the membership specialist had a number I could call I was given the number and when I called he helped me out as much as he possiable could and he came in on his day off to sign me up ... the manager patty was very hatefull and very disrespectful no only to me but to her employees what a shame

Aug 21, 2018

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