Thompson Cigarsthompson cigars internet scam


Thompson Cigars is involved in the internet scam that was highlighted on both the Today Show and the Nightly News. I was a victim.<br />
<br />
Basically, it works like this: I placed an order through their website and, when checking out, a box popped up offering me $10 off my next order. I assumed it was a customer incentive from Thompson, so I clicked. Thompson then gave my credit card information to a company called Reservation Rewards, who began automatically withdrawing $12 a month from my bank account for a "membership."<br />
<br />
That was over a year ago. Reservation Rewards has taken nearly $200 from me--for which I have received nothing of which Thompson Cigar has received a hefty kickback. Apparently it wasn't enough that I was buying cigars from them, Thompson also felt it was okay to steal my money as well.<br />
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If you're a customer of Thompson Cigar, or are thinking of becoming one, know that your credit card information is not safe with them.

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