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Complaints & Reviews

fraud cigar club enrollment

I have bought cigars from Thompson Cigars several time over the years and recently they fraudulently enrolled me in their "cigar" club and sent me "free" boxes of cigars for being a good customer. Then I realize that they are billing my VISA account. They keep sending boxes of cigars with a "free" receipt and I cancel the account. Stay away from Thompson Cigars. They are dishonest to the core. They should join up with Wells Fargo

lying about the amount that I would be charged

I called and talked to Mark Acuna he said he was sales mgr for call center. I talked to him about a discount and free shipping that I was told I would be getting for my birthday after calling several times I was told that they would credit my account the discount and free shipping. So I thought it was all taken care of until I got my credit card statement and seen they had lied to me and charged me full price after telling me they would charge me the lesser price this is credit card fraud the lying ... charged my card an amount that wasn't okd by me. Any one that v does business with thompson is a fool I was they are dishonest the product is stale and they will tell you any thing to make a sale. I will never buy any thing from them again and I suggest you think about it before you do I have proof of w hat I just told you STAY AWAY FROM THOMPSON CIGARS THEY ARE LIARS AND WILL TELL YOU ANY THING TO MAKE A SALE YOU CAN'T TALK TO MRS THEY DON'T TAKE PHONE CALLS WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU when you run a business and the Mgr won't talk to the customers you have something dishonest going on . What a terrible company

customer service

They gave me the run around even after five phone calls trying to get them to send the correct order. I...

cigar club

Please be aware. Do not sign up for the cigar club. Very difficult to cancel or change once you are in. They do not follow thru with cancelling you account. I cancelled my account on the 2nd of November 2010 and recieved a charge on my debit card on the 6th of November 2010. Thompson Cigar said well "your order was already processed and was shipped". I still have not recieved the cigars and it is the 8th of November. I will be disputing the debit charges and will try and file a complaint thru consumers union.

poor quality of cigars

Purchased some of "the house cigars" from them and let me just say that they were horrible! After contacting customer service their response was this "We don't sell bad products" Now after being insulted I tried to cancel my membership into the cigar club. They wouldn't stop hounding me and trying to get me to postpone it instead of canceling. Every cigar I tasted had the same flavor and appeared to just have a different band on it. This is poor business practices!

  • Te
    terry lalone Sep 07, 2011

    I have bought alot of cigars from thompsons. And just wanted to let you know I still will it just could of been a bad batch. But thebackwoods black and aromatic cigars I have just recieved awhile ago were in smokeable. I even run a hole thru them and still could not get them to stay lit.It is the first time I was not pleased with any of the other cigars I have bought from thompsons. I will not order those again. I'am not mad or anything everything cannot be perfect in this world, it was just one of those things you cannot help. Thanks for everything. I will place another order today just to show I will continue with thompsons cigars.

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credit card fraud!!!

Thompson cigars gave out my charge card information to Passport to Fun Plus and Passport 2 Fun Plus. I got...

horrible customer service

About a month ago I ordered a bundle of cigars from Thompson. Within the month almost the entire bundle was growing mold and had spread to other cigars not ordered from their company. Went I wrote to customer service their response was it was our fault for not properly taking care of the humidor. We have had it for a few years and this was the 1st problem we had. After not hearing what we wanted to we responded with exactly how we cared for it, knowing it was done correctly. Their response was then, its too bad that the cigars became mold and again some other reason we made the cigar moldy. The following day I wrote to the live help customer service who was even WORSE! He said we were mistaken and it couldn't be mold, they were perfectly OK to smoke, yeah sure! I told him we threw them away, and his response was it's obviously untrue since we threw them away rather than sending them back. I asked for a refund on the 1/2 bundle we had to discard, he said they DO NOT REFUND complaints of mold. And after all the generic responses, he had the nerve to say THANK YOU for you business and feel free to call to place a new order soon. NEVER AGAIN WILL I ORDER FROM THEM, AND HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU DO THE SAME.

  • Ja
    JASON MARSHALL Jul 06, 2010


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  • Gr
    Grace Harding Sep 15, 2019

    I ordered from your company a couple months ago and never received my order.Am very upset, am going to contact my lawyer.It is so wrong to use people and lie to them.I work hard for my money and wanted to surprise my brother but after all this time I received nothing
    Am allowing one more week then am having my lawyer start charges.I ordered the cigars in a wooden humidor the lighter and other cigars for my husband.I was a special I received with the Sunday paper flyers.Grace Harding

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bad is not the word

I placed an order for a box of cigars for a celebratory smoke after the birth of my best friends first child. I added the 3 day shipping to ensure my order would be delivered on time. Four days later, I call and got directed to go online and use the live chat to speak to a customer service rep. I'm told that before my order can be shipped, I must first fax or mail a copy of my drivers license for proof of age. No big deal but when I asked why this information wasn't requested at checkout, the rep. could not answer a single question. To top things off, Thompson had already debited the purchase price out of my account with no intention of shipping my order. I also asked to speak to a Supervisor to express my disappointment with the company and was told that supervisors don't communicate through live chat nor personal phone calls that they would pass on the information to them. BULLSH**! After 20 minutes of being disconnected and reconnected thru live chat, all I got was a customer service rep. asking me to call back the next day to see if my order had been shipped yet. Needless to say, I cancelled my order and will never do business with this SHADY company.

poor service

I ordered cigars frm this company because they offered me free shipping and 10% off my order. I placed the order via online chat and dealt with a representative that new nothing about their offers. she was trying to sell me $4.95 shipping when the offer was for free shipping. It was right there on their home page!

Well 11 days later, no cigars. So i put my order number on their tracking link only to find out that my order was never placed! When i spoke to them, all they said was sorry we will send it out with free shipping. No kidding! the offer was already for free shipping! they offered nothing for the inconvenience of spending like an hour on chat with the stupid rep not to mention the hassle of finding out where my order was!

I will never buy anything from this poorly run company who has a customer service department that doesn't care less about the customer. there a re tons of other cigar outlets out there that i have used in the past with never an issue. bottom line THOMPSON CIGARS SUCK!!!

  • Sm
    smillerat thompsongroup Mar 24, 2010

    Dear Mr. Fernando 51454,

    We would like to resolve this matter to your full satisfaction. Please contact me at: 813-884-6344 or [email protected]

    Sarah Miller
    Customer Service Manager

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thompson cigars internet scam

Thompson Cigars is involved in the internet scam that was highlighted on both the Today Show and the Nightly News. I was a victim.<br />
<br />
Basically, it works like this: I placed an order through their website and, when checking out, a box popped up offering me $10 off my next order. I assumed it was a customer incentive from Thompson, so I clicked. Thompson then gave my credit card information to a company called Reservation Rewards, who began automatically withdrawing $12 a month from my bank account for a "membership."<br />
<br />
That was over a year ago. Reservation Rewards has taken nearly $200 from me--for which I have received nothing of which Thompson Cigar has received a hefty kickback. Apparently it wasn't enough that I was buying cigars from them, Thompson also felt it was okay to steal my money as well.<br />
<br />
If you're a customer of Thompson Cigar, or are thinking of becoming one, know that your credit card information is not safe with them.

customer service

I wrote a letter to Thompson Cigar regaurding the horrible customer service that I had recieved. I got a phone call and was asked "How can we be of further assistance" I started to tell them, very politly, that they needed to review thier customer service personel and practices. I was promptly hung up on! <br />
I delt with Thompson for 2 months, 2 wrong orders, NASTY customer service people, harassment, the list is too long to go into here. The bottom line AVOID THE THOMPSON CIGAR COMPANY AT ALL COSTS! They are a horrible nightmare! <br />
I would recomend Cigars International and Holts Cigars. They know that times are tight and are thankful that you choose to spend your money with them! and they show it!

stale stogeys

If you want to buy direct out of the trashcan of a reseller, shop thompsons. Offering the finest "blends"...

deceptive sales tactics

Simply read the post dated March 20, 2007 from Mark Boyd and that is exactly my experience. Incredible that 2 years later they are still acting this way. I called back the next day to cancel the order and I told them I want to make sure I have no re-occuring charges on my credit card.

Well it was too late to cancel...hmmm...but I was told the club membership (which I did not want) was canceled and I could return the cigars once I receive them.

We shall see. My card has been charged and I am waiting for the order.

I wish I had read this site prior to ordering.

So Thompson Cigar; if you are reading this...you lost yet another customer for good.

avoid at all costs

First and foremost, I purchase just about everything via the internet these days. That being said, I can honestly say that my recent experience with Thompson Cigar is hands down the worst online retail purchase I have ever experienced. Their order processing is the slowest I have ever encountered. Their customer service is terrible, and their lack of motivation to go the extra mile for their customers is just plain sad. Do yourself a favor and avoid like the plaque!

  • Bp
    b pugh Apr 08, 2009

    I do not smoke nor do we want to. Don't send any catalogs.

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  • Mi
    Michelle Brister Aug 21, 2011

    I signed up for the thompson cigar but I cancelled my subscription on 7-14-2011 my dad can no longer smoke cigars and saving ace sent me a cancellation confirmation # 785646136, but it was still on my charge, what do i do now

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  • Mi
    Michelle Brister Aug 21, 2011

    I'm very angry with this charge on my statement

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keeping charging my credit card!

I would NEVER order from this company again. I initally placed an order for my husband and yup, they talked me into joining their club. After they messed my order up and overcharged me, I decided to cancel the club membership immediately. Here is it, 2 months later and they charge me AGAIN for more cigars neither of us ordered AND they are taking their sweet time in refunding us back the money. Buyers beware!!!

phantom billing

While ordering from thompson cigar co the rep offered a service which sent cigars for me to sample then they would bill me later. I refused the offer. But I did not read every transaction on my credit card.

After giving thompson your credit card number>>>>

double check <<EVERY!>>> little charge on your statement and call every vendor to confirm what the transaction was for.

For everyone else's sake I hope I'm wrong. but be carefull

  • Mi
    miker r May 13, 2008

    Just a FYI i was on the phone for 15 min. yes 15 min. I know most people would have hung up. But i just wanted to see how long it would take for a oper. to take my call. When i finnaly tryed to place my order i could not understand him. IF my order does come. And if it is right, it will be a miracle.

    Thanks for the Great Job in takeing my order.

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customer service

After ordering a simple box of cigars I began receiving solicitous phone calls the very same night that I...

deseptive web site

deceptive web site would not allow canceling anything. no e-mail conformation of order shipment . one week from submitting order still waiting for any shipping info. a call to customer service . they gave me an invalid tracking # I will never order from them again. I buy from cigars international from now on. Never have a problem with them.

good customer service

I had a small problem before I reached customer service. I had placed an order to go to two students that had departed to Iraq. The package was lost and never delivered. With the assistance of a supervisor who went "over and beyond" to make sure that the package was delivered to one my students father to have the cigars forwarded to them. The supervisor was very professional and very courteous! Since then I am very happy to say that I have continued to do business with Thompson's and I know that my students communicate with this supervisor to continue ordering cigars from Thompson's.

pleasant experience

I just want to say that the experience that I had with Thompsons has been a pleasant one. I have ordered for my husband and never had any problems. I like what they are doing for the servicemen sending them cigars. The supervisor that I spoke to recently was very professionals and have treated me like family. We wanted to order some cigars for the troops and we connected to a Edward Noriega who was very pleasant and explained how the troops would receive the cigars. How wonderful that a company takes interest in our servicemen. Please continue the good work.

  • Tt
    T. Timmons Mar 19, 2009

    I'm glad you had a good experience. Ironically, though the company does run promotions whereby cigars are sent overseas to servicemen, they have been in the process over the past few years of sending customer service and sales jobs overseas as well. Managers, such as the outstanding individual you spoke with; are regularly sent to the Phillipines to develop that call center at the expense of American workers in Tampa. This reliance upon foreign customer service workers saves the company plenty in wages and benefits, but also customers, as you'll notice reading other comments on this blog. Thompson Cigar tries to project the image of patriotism, but actually engages in rather unpatriotic outsourcing. Thanks.
    T. Timmons

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  • Ex
    Ex Slave Jun 26, 2009

    Robert Franzblau can spend fortunes on the ugliest paintings youve ever seen but cant afford to hire American Workers..Typical Republican Business Man. He must have inherited his money because he has no idea how to spend it responsibly.

    Ex Slave

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  • Fr
    Frank_got_ripoff Jun 22, 2010

    Thompson cigars gave out my charge card information to Passport to Fun Plus and Passport 2 Fun Plus. I got charge $14.95 on two different charge cards, two months in a row, if I didn’t call the bank to put a stop
    on my charge card I would be still paying that charge today.
    I call Passport to Fun Plus and was told that Thompson cigar sign me up for the service. you may want to check your account.

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