Thomasville / Poor quality furniture

San Diego, United States

WE purchased a leather sofa and matching loveseat. It felt comfortable when we sat on it in the store, so we spent $ 7, 000. Within about 6 months, the cushions lost resiliency. They were replaced, but with inferior material. The sagging got worse. We didnt complain to Thomasville until a year later; we were involved in buying and selling a home. Right after we moved in, we called customer service. We explained that we very very unhappy with their product and wanted our money back. They refused and sent one of the managers. He was very anxious to please us, but insisted that our money couldnt be returned. He bought a runner (rug) and fit it to size, and inserted it in the cushion to prevent sagging. It felt ok, but then it sagged again. He returned and put more stuffing in, which made it uncomfortable. My husband wont sit n the couch, its that uncomfortable. If an overweight person sits on the couch, it takes about a day for the cushion to rise up to its normal state! We should've bought a couch at one of the less expensive stores! Stay away from Thomasville. Their furniture is NOT made well!

Feb 26, 2014

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