Thomasville Furnitureno product no deposit returned

G Mar 11, 2013 Review updated:

We ordered sofas from Thomasville Furniture about 3 months ago. At the time, they told us it should take 4-5 weeks to deliver. Weeks upon weeks passed with no word from the company. We had to keep calling and arguing with them just to find out that the fabric was still on backorder 3 months later.
We tried to cancel our order. The lady on the phone literally snickered and said it was too late to cancel and get our deposit back even though they haven't started making the furniture yet!!!
I would never recommend ordering from this company!


  • I would snicker too darling. Items of a custom nature take time. The delivery date was only an estimate! Perhaps this is the first time that you purchased something better than IKEA! Best of luck in future design ventures.

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  • J
      May 02, 2013

    I agree totally with not recommending this company. Their customer service is beyond unprofessional. I am still waiting since Feb. on my furniture that was originally damaged upon delivery. The delivery crew broke a vase I had purchased in China, that is not replaceable, and only handed me a check for 70$. They use an outside company to do their delivering and blame them for any issues that may occur and the store does not take any responsibility for ANYTHING or even call you back when multiple messages are left! I would not buy anything else from there or refer them to ANYBODY.

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