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Hello, I have been donating items to the salvation army for almost 20 years. I retired 2 yrs ago as a chicago police officer and as a hobby, i started shopping and donating the items to friends neighbors and family. I have been visiting your store at 509 n union in Chicago and as of approx. a month ago they have a new manager there by the name of Gerald. This manager, seems to think he is the CEO of the salvation army, and talks to customers as if they are at his discretion as to whether they can shop at this store when he is challenged about wrong doing among the employees there taking tags off of items to give to their family and friends . Me and my husband has seen him sneakily following us and others around the store which is 3 floors every time we come.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Chicago, IL He has told this one regular customer that he is only allowed to purchase five items. Overheard him telling a customer he takes pictures of customers that stash items, which me and my husband has never done, it's not that serious. Told someone that corporate gave him permission to barr certain customers out at his descretion at all salvation army stores. There are other instances where he has been very ignorant towards customers. This manager makes you want to stop donating and shopping at the salvation army, what he doesn't realize is that if it wasn't for people like me and others he wouldn't have a job. I wish someone would address this problem as soon as possible. Also speaking with regular customers the reason he was moved to this store is because of the problems he was giving customers at another store.

Thanks Ecina Maddox [protected]

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Jan 12, 2017

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