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Majors Dan and Alba Ford of the McAllen, Texas Salvation Army are nothing but a bunch of fake "pastors". They have tossed out the young people of the church and have made a bad name for themselves amongst church goers and their employees. They have stolen items from their thrift store, have done un-godly deeds and their actions have not gone unnoticed. Complaints have been sent to their command center called DHQ in Dallas, Texas, but Major Gonzales has done nothing but turned a blind eye to their actions. This will only get worse and if things don't get any better, any type of spirituality that is left in that church will surely depart. Anyone in that area, beware. The Ford's are wolf in sheeps clothing and The Salvation Army does nothing to help those who help them.


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      Jun 17, 2010

    I just recently experienced the same thing in Philadelphia.

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      Oct 23, 2014

    They are all the same. The beneficiaries as well as the employees are mistreated all at the whim of the so called "captains" or whatever their rank may be. Just because an employee is called a "pastor" doesn't mean that they are a certified counselor. The organization needs to be investigated for many things. They will act like they are helping you as long as you live under their roof and work for them but the minute that you question their authority you will be put out of the program. People are encouraged to get back on track but once they realize that you will be stopped with the threat of expulsion from their program. They are control freaks. After all, the longer that you stay with them the less they have to pay employees. If there are enough beneficiaries at a given time they will cut employee hours to save money. After thinking long and hard it is not an organization that I would recommend.

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      Nov 17, 2014

    Also many safety violations in the facility that are not addressed in a timely manner even when brought to the attention of those in charge.

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