The Room Place / Overall service

If anyone has option to buy from different store just do it!!! First I purchased bedroom set with delivery for saturday, but suddenly i was told they don't have availability for Saturday so i had to reschedule for the saturday after that. When it was delivered part of it was damaged so i had to schedule another delivery for the damaged parts. Second delivery was during week and I took time off of work to be at home for this delivery and i was in a hurry to get home in time (they call 30 min in advance) and I got speeding ticket!!! I tried to call them 5-6 times and they didn't pick up the phone. After my 6th try to call them they picked up the phone and they said "We are 5 min away" so they came 1 hr after they called me. The driver simply said they called the wrong customer or they went to the wrong address. So I had to loose 1 hour and 35 min to wait for them considering i got speeding ticket to get home in time!!! So as you can imagine I was furious! Even though I never complain and don't want to get anyone in trouble, I called customer service and I wanted to talk to a manager and I was told he'll give me call back at 11:30 am an i waited until 6:30 pm and no one called me. Then I called again and finally I was able to speak to a manager (if she was a real manager) and she apologized and gave me just $25 gift card for the room place!!! How am i supposed to deal with these people any longer!!! So disappointed and I really hope I never have to do business with them!!!

Mar 02, 2016

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