The Original Mattress Factory / Ortho Luxury Firm

Richmond, VA, United States
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I wish I had read reviews of this company's poor quality mattresses before I purchased one! The matress was very uncomfortable within 2 years, and at three years the entire mattress has compressed 1 1/2 inches with an additional 3/4 inch body impression. There is no longer anything firm about this mattress, and firm should not be in the name of it at all! I'll have to donate a $1000 matress to Goodwill and purchase from elsewhere to ever have another good nights sleep outside of sleeping in my guest room. I'm betting that if we were just to deal with it until the body impression is at 1 1/2 inches for the warranty to be effective, that they will still be unhelpful.
It was also suggested to me that I made the wrong choice in type of matress purchase, or that our bodies change over time and that it isn't the mattress. Both are far from the truth of poor craftsmanship.

Aug 04, 2016

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