The Honey Baked Ham Companydelivery on thursday, dec. 6th 2018

I ordered a ham (Your Confirmation Number: HBCA100190318 Your Order Number: 863892 ) to be delivered on Thursday Dember 6th and a friend wait at my house all day Thursday. The Ham was not delivered and the UPS man lied about knocking on the door. Please note we required a signature because of potential package theft.

I called and complained and had my partner stay at home all day Friday and it never was delivered. Mind you this was for a party on Saturday.

I called UPS because I could not get ahold of Hone baked. UPS GUARAENTEED the delivery. Because it was not delivered as promised I asked UPS to return too sender out of fear of contamination of the ham. Below is the transcript

JEFFREY BRYANT B (12/7/2018, 5:17:28 PM): Hi, My name is JEFFREY BRYANT.I am reviewing your information and I will be with you in a moment.
JEFFREY BRYANT B (12/7/2018, 5:17:41 PM): May i have your tracking number please?
Me (12/7/2018, 5:18:07 PM): Tracking Number 1Z9367060306874054
JEFFREY BRYANT B (12/7/2018, 5:19:06 PM): Upon checking here the package is still on the truck and guaranteed to be deliver today on or before 10 pm.
Me (12/7/2018, 5:19:32 PM): that is not acceptble. I have to buy a replacement ham for a party tommorrow.
Me (12/7/2018, 5:19:55 PM): I was told it would be deelivered arune 1 pm today
JEFFREY BRYANT B (12/7/2018, 5:20:45 PM): I do apologized that is only an estimated time, due to the volumes of packages it will affect the time but still guaranteed to be deliver today.
Me (12/7/2018, 5:22:09 PM): Your guarantee is not very good. The driver indicated there was no one at my house yesterday to receive it but that is not ture
Me (12/7/2018, 5:22:13 PM): tru
Me (12/7/2018, 5:22:37 PM): can you call the dispath center to confirm it will be delivered today?
Me (12/7/2018, 5:23:23 PM): also, it was shipped iin a cold container, its been two days now and probably has bacteria on it
JEFFREY BRYANT B (12/7/2018, 5:24:45 PM): Unfortunately we dont have a way to call the driver but 100 percent the package will be deliver today.
Me (12/7/2018, 5:25:52 PM): can i be compensated for the non delivery yesterday and my friends time hanging out at the house?
JEFFREY BRYANT B (12/7/2018, 5:26:52 PM): Yup after you received the package you can call 1-800-pick ups.
Me (12/7/2018, 5:27:23 PM): I will do that.
Me (12/7/2018, 5:27:26 PM): Thank you

I would have picked up a new ham but SF no longer has a store and I had to be at my party at 9:30 on Saturday. Not only did I not get my ham, I had to purchase another non HB Brand . All in all it was around $70.00 for the HB Ham and $70 for the replacement ham, not to mention the sleep I lost trying find a alternative.

I did complain on the HB website about non delivery but they have not responded. I want to be reimbursed for the original ham and the backup one.

  • Updated by Mark R Connors, Dec 09, 2018

    OK, finally got ahold of Honey Baked Hams. They are issuing a refund.
    Of course, the experience with UPS was horrible. They basically said they could not call the truck and they said at one point the item had not been scaned inn 22 hours.

    I had to buy a replacement ham only to find out someone had also bought a replacement so In my opinion UPS will refund me the $70+ I paid for it. It turned out not needed for the party so I had to "eat the cost".

Dec 09, 2018

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