The Home Depothome depot store # 4712


So I decided to give Home Depot another opportunity after the assistant manager Les reached out and promised I would have this fridge on Friday, 3rd July. I canceled the order from Sears that was scheduled for delivery on Sunday 5th July ( due to being promised that Home Depot would rectify the situation). Tuesday30th June Reggie in appliances told me to not refuse the fridge under any circumstances (the order was still wrong with the door hinge on the wrong side) and Asst Mgr. Les contacted me Wednesday, 1st July and assured me he, would follow-up with me on Thursday to make sure that GE confirmed my delivery window and on Friday to make sure the delivery went ok and to set up someone to correct my door. I never received confirmation from GE on Thursday 2nd July, so contacted them to find out that "Steve" from store #4712 ended up canceling the order with Dolly from LG in the morning and Dolly contacted GE to cancel the delivery. Les assured me on Wednesday not to refuse the fridge, regardless of the order being wrong for the door swing and he would follow-up the next day to make sure GE contacted me with a confirmation (which he never did - he was off on Thursday) and still has not contacted me to make sure the fridge was delivered with no conflicts.

Steve said the Reggie left him a note to cancel the order immediately and then said that is how the store is, "too many hands on the pot and not uncommon."
I can understand you have an internal problem with having to use third party vendors, however this was a total error on Home Depot's part and no one seems to follow-up. I never received an apology, acknowledgment or provided a solution to rectify the problem. Now two weeks later without a fridge. Should never have canceled my SEARS order, since Home Depot can't DELIVER!!

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