The Hartford / work comp

Santa Fe Springs, CA, United States

I had a work comp with Hartford. I paid in advance $2400 approximately for $10000 salary part time employee which is really high rate. We are 2 partners ( we are brothers) and one employee. When I did the policy, I told the broker to exclude me and my brother because we are partners, and he has all our information because he has the business Insurance, car insurance, home insurance, and I was with him for 6 years. Then he told me that don't worry because owners are already excluded. He sent me the papers, and I looked it's one employee, and I sent him back the papers. This was my first time to do a work comp because he is the first employee I hired. When we did the revision at the end of the year, they asked me to pay $8588 extra because my brother wasn't excluded. I expected to get money back because I paid the employee $6900 on payroll. I thought I should get back around $700 to $800. I talked with them and they asked for a proof that my brother is a partner in the corporation since 2013, and I sent them the proof, but they aren't honest. I have an excellent credit history, and the agent refused to say that's his mistake to them, but he told me that he would tell them that's his mistake, but he was lying. Agent Name Gamil Shehata. They are stealing money, and their agents are liars. As a small business owner that was a lot of money. DON'T GO WITH HARTFORD NO MATTER WHAT

May 12, 2017

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