The Hartford Insurance Aarp / Auto damage

Westlake Village, CA, United States

I have been insured by The Hartford through AARP for over nine years without a claim. They insure my home, condo and auto.
The claim amount was approximately $1800 for damage to the Left Rear of my 2002 Cadillac Escalade. My car was in excellent condition with low mileage.

The shop wanted to replace a New Left Side Molding and Left Rear
Tail Light Assembly. However, the adjuster said No, Repair it, and find a used Tail Light Assembly.
Well they couldn't find a used tail light and still said they couldn't repair the panel. All this time until the adjuster came back again, I was incurring rental charges and the estimate of repair was initially 5 days. The shop had to get a new tail light afterall and still had to Repair, Not Replace, the Panel.

Because of that, the Panel has buff marks that you can see under the clearcoat paint due to all that buffing and sanding. So my car was not given back to me in the same condition prior to the accident, due to the nickle and dime business practices, while the premiums keep going up. Keep in mind this was my first claim in Over Nine Years and no other driver was involved.

I was told the check was issued on November 5th and mailed
directly to me. Over a week went by and No check. I kept trying to find out what happened with the check from the claims in Indianapolis. I just kept hearing, it was issued and mailed from another department. No one knew anything. Not only that, not one single person I spoke with ever apologized, or said "sorry for the delay".

My car was ready and no check. I finally insisted, almost two weeks later, for them to Overnight another check. They were rude and told me they couldn't. It would take three days to reach me.

Now my patience was limited and I couldn't trust anything they told me. I didn't want my car to remain in the shop any longer. On the 15th of November I took the money out of my savings, a total of $1832.00, just to get my car back. I also incurred extra car rental
fees of $150.00.

The new check finally showed up November 18 after 5pm. I had to wait for the money an additional 13 days. This is horrendous.
Who ever heard of having to use your own money to get your car out of the body shop.
I can only imagine if I had a homeowners claim.

I want to know where and to whom at Hartford I can send my complaint to.

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