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Please be very cautious in dealing with The Dump furniture outlet.
If you are shopping at the Oaks, PA location, please avoid making your purchase from Gigi (Georgia), a sales associate. She plays the bait and switch game with your furniture purchase. She is quite willing to compromise customer service and quality.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in The Oaks, PA We purchased a piece of furniture that was to be shipped from the factory and she substituted a floor model without informing us or putting it in writing. The furniture wobbled and the delivery people left in a hurry to avoid having to return the furniture.

We have filed a dispute regarding payment for this piece of furnitue. We also have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. This Dump definitely is a store where you shop at your own risk. And if you do decide to purchase a piece of furniture from Gigi, you at least know the risk you are taking.

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  • Ma
      Feb 07, 2011

    I purchased a dining room set from Dump in Oak, PA from Gigi also. They shipped the chairs but, were unable to find the table. When we called we kept getting the run around that the table was in inventory but, couldn't be found. We still do not have the original set, table was never found, Gigi would avoid us and our questions. We ended up ordering another set and still have not received it yet. However, the Dump called me to tell me my payment is late and would I like to make a payment? I explained, I hadn't received the merchandise yet and you want me to make a payment. There is something shady about the Dump's operation, customer service is zero and indifferent. Unless you can carry the furniture out the door the day you purchase, I would be leary of buying anything there.

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  • Ag
      Feb 19, 2011

    My wife and I recently went to the Dump in Oaks, PA to purchase a King Mattress and Box Spring. After many days of going back and forth, we decided on a bed. We layed down the credit card and spent close to $1100.00 on a mattress, boxspring and bed frame. The sales accociate named Stacy (a man) said it would be ready to pick up on Saturday (7 days after purchase). On that following Friday ( 1day before pick up) Stacy called me to tell me our Mattress and boxspring was not on the truck. After complaining to him and the manager they gave me $80.00 back for the bed frame. We decided to wait another week for our mattress and boxspring. Again, on the following Friday (the new pick up date) i recieved another call from Stacy telling me that once again my purchase was not on the truck. Flipping out, my wife and I went to the store and started raising hell. After many hours of complaining, the manager claims that they have our mattress in back, but only 1 out of the 2 halves of the boxspring was with it. After much deliberation, and several refunds, we decided to still go with it. they even offered a new half boxspring as a loaner until ours came in. After leaving the store to get my father in laws pick up truck, we returned to the store to pick up our stuff. After getting the product on the truck (after checking serial #'s) my wife noticed something odd about the mattress. we went into the store to look at the floor model. It was a completely different mattress even though the numbers were the same. The dump claimed that they get a different pattern than the one on display, but it was the same mattress. after measuring the depts of both, there was almost a 1/2" difference. the pattern was different and the color was different. I flipped out and went out to the truck and litteraly started throwing the stuff off the back of the truck. I demanded a full refund and the manager was doing everything to keep me quiet. After the refund process, the manager told me not to be mad, but they have another mattress that she believed was supposed to be ours. I followed her back to the storage section of the store so she could show me the mattress. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT WAS THE EXACT SAME ONE THAT I JUST THREW OFF OF MY TRUCK. I only know this because of the rip on the packaging that I put there trying to compair serial numbers earlier before. What a bunch of idiots. The only good thing I have to say about my entire experiance at the Dump was the 2 men in the pick up area who were very nice and Steve, Probably one of the nicest sales people ever. Other than that, the rest can go to... Well, you get the point. DO NOT SHOP AT THE DUMP. THE PRICES MAY LOOK GOOD, BUT YOU ARE NOT GETTING WHAT YOU PAID FOR.

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  • Ta
      Mar 01, 2011

    We purchased a adjustable bed from the Dump and when it was delivered there was no remote or cord. We get conflicting stories from the delivery guysand customer service who was extremely rude and rufused to identify himself.

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